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  1. hello, djey thanks for the hard work. I do have an issue, with the beta 6 patch installed my fps are very very low, 2-4 fps, even at the splash videos and menus of the game. i have java 8 installed, and searched the thread for possible solutions or similar issues but couldn't find anything, do you have any idea what could be causing this issue?
  2. http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/the_crew/news/the_crews_microtransactions_let_you_buy_performance_parts_with_real_world_cash.html
  3. i think its because you have to pay to play online on consoles, some games even if they are focused on online, they give you the option to play offline. Like Destiny, it has an offline mode for those who dont have PS+ or Xbox Live.
  4. 1.- Plug 360 controller 2.- stearing and pedals settings are not saved 3.- =( seeing cities from a long distance or comming close does looks pretty great.
  5. what i can tell is that platying it lower that 30FPS, at leats for me, messes up the audio from the cars, but you know, beta and all, is allright.
  6. well, i does get picked up now, i can set the buttons and everything but it dosent save the stearing and pedals xD.
  7. dosent pick up my 360 controller i tried everything, oh well beta, is it just me or the cars dont like beeing drived slow at high revs?
  8. M5?! Sold! Shame i only did the prologue since i couldnt fully download it, dont be so hard on the beta like the official forums, it's just a beta and we are far from release.
  9. uhu!, im in too. Add me and we'll do things... id: Luchingador
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