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  1. Big Fish, please let me premit that it's all as simple as that and there is nothing weird. The purpose of that library is just to solve any kind of graphical issues you may encounter when running an elder sim (like TDU2 is) with more recent graphic cards, because these last use advanced DirectX versions than the original one, 9.0c, if I remember it correctly. So the reason to put the updated d3d9.dll straight in the TDU2 root folder. However, please have a look here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=955762561 Read all and try to install TDU2 from scra
  2. @ Javi and Big Fish: sorry for replying late. Javi, glad for you. Big Fish, it's a new graphic library, optimized (if I got correctly) to work properly with the latest drivers/systems. I'd suggest to ask Aquarious for it, and give it a try to solve your issues. You can install it into the main TDU2 folder, because its name is "d3d9.dll", as just as the former one. With best regards.
  3. About one matter I'm sure: you will release this mod, those folks at TDU 3 Solar Crown won't. Their project vanished. Literally. I wasn't able to get any recent news about it. With best New Year wishes and regards to all.
  4. Hello there. It would be a graphic issue, and even useful getting more news about your system graphic card and drivers - or, better, the presence of a .dll library, in particular, that d3d9.dll. What version do you have, the stock one, perhaps? Try to find out the 'Vulkan' version and install it instead, who knows if doing this can solve that problem of yours. Good luck! With best regards.
  5. All the best to you, dear mates... just can't await to drive what good you managed to do. With best regards.
  6. For your information, I'm just using the 1.8, and all is running as intended to do. Thank you again, with best regards.
  7. Dear Aquarious, and it's two. Also this last tip you suggested worked out fine. Thanks a lot for your kind attention! With best regards.
  8. I will check and do that way you've suggested to, thanks a lot for your patience with me. Is its previous version (that one just before 1.85, I mean) running fine or not? With best regards.
  9. But... I still have another 'but' to be solved. After the last Win 10 Pro updates, why can't I manage to get that blessed Ferrari brand shown on the Italian cars dealer after having installed that 'tdu2 auto pack01' then? In all my previous installations I got it without any kind of hassle, I remember. Something is telling me I' better to wait and see that TDU Solar Crown... hoping it will be released, one day. But anyway it goes, why would such matters happen to me certainly? Bah. With best regards to all.
  10. @Aquarious: that fix... succeeded. I got finally to navigate around the map without any kind of issues or freezing the sim and run any kind of championship of my like. Thanks a lot for your help once again. With best regards.
  11. Thanks a lot for your attention and the help, Aquarious. I'm running the Steam version, only for precision's sake. I'm going to install that fix you kindly gave me, and let's hope it can solve this issue. With best regards.
  12. Thanks for this, but I was misunderstood, I'm afraid. I haven't told that TDU was not compatible with Win10. I said that there are flaws, described in my post and still currently unsolved. The most annoying, to me, are that I can't see the Ferrari brand in the Italian tuning shop any longer even after applied the proper patch several times, and I can't run some of all championships. Weird, I was able to before. That's all. Oh, well... all the Community here knows well that, just hoping someone can fix this also one day, or better soon. With best regards.
  13. Nice! I also hope it will be compatible in full with the last generation of graphic cards and their drivers... playing TDU2 with its actual flaws is a real pain nowadays, you know. I tried all the kind of tricks and hints available, but with no results. And I don't want to go backwards to Win7 and a less performing card either. With best regards.
  14. Just same thoughts here. And having an Aston Martin DB5 - as it's possible in TDU, if I remember it correctly - would be another nice add. With best regards.
  15. Hi, tur. The answer might be 'yes' and 'not' a the same time, I think. All the results might depend from the kind of CPU, RAM, HDD and model of video card you're using, you know... on my own, I have an Intel [email protected] 3.60 GHz with 32 GB of RAM, a nVidia RTX 2080Ti and a Samsung 1Tb SSD system, so it's hard to have a stuttering game, I think. Hoping I was of some help. With best regards.
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