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  1. Interesting tips, thanks a lot... excuse me for the noob question, but what utility can I use to edit that FRIM file, please? With best regards.
  2. Good morning to all. Since a few time I'm experiencing an annoying issue... I can't act the map in TDU2. I mean, just after having done it the sim freezes and I can't do anything else than end it. All the rest is working well. My system is running Windows 10 pro as OS, I also have a nVidia 2080Ti as graphic card. Is it only me or someone else had that same? And how to fix or solve this? Thanks in advance for your attention and for your kind help! With best regards.
  3. Thanks for your attention and your advise to you too, Magic. I've already tried those two both, unfortunately with no success. With best regards.
  4. Thanks for your attention and quick reply, Milli. You have been concise and clear... what is the original 'items' number, by the way? And where should I have looked for it out? Sorry for the noob questions here... With best regards.
  5. Update. After a first attempt, TDU Platinum refused to launch. And TDUPE, on its own, kept on crashing as its usual by a .Net Framework exception. Bah. Any suggestion, please? With best regards.
  6. Hello, Djey, and thanks a lot for all you too are still doing for TDU. Now, may ask a question? Is TDU UT still needed to fix TDUPE issues with Platinum database? I'm trying to follow this procedure (please see the attached file), but I can't find TDU UT anywhere in my TDU MT installed folder. Please help me in understand at least what to do. Thanks for your attention and with best regards. TDUPE is not working.txt
  7. Thanks also for your attention, mate, and take yor time, of course. With best regards.
  8. Dear mds_blaze, unfortunately, I'm experiencing the same with Windows 10 pro (i.e., 64 bit). No doubts about you developed your mod in Windows 10 and tested it well before releasing it. Anyway, what do you suggest to solve this issue? I'm awaiting to experience what good you did. Thanks in advance, with best regards.
  9. To Robik: yes, I have installed both (Megapack and 1.68 patch, I mean). To joe_alker: thanks a lot for your time and patience. I noticed that installing a previous version of nVidia drivers helped a bit - I'm testing the 320.49 adn seems a little more stable. Well, we'll see. Best regards.
  10. Thanks for moving my post to the right place. I was almost to forget this, don't know if is important: after having installed TDU, I applied the 1.66A patch and then the 1.68b straight after. Did I it right or wrong? I bought the original one, sir :rolleyes:, and never was so quick to take a note about. I'm going to attach the minidump files - thanks for the hint, BTW.
  11. Hello. This is my first post here, and I don't know if is this the right place to drop these lines. After having installed TDU on my Win 7-64bit system, I'm getting random system crashes (the in-famous blue screen). Neither I'm able to progress in the game, because I can't select "start" from any race menu, or see the map if I hit the "M" key. I have a nVidia GE Force GTX 770 with the 335 driver (that last one released a few days ago) and have applied the nVidia Inspector settings suggested for the sim. I'm also keeping the resolution low with no AA effect and all the details to the low level. What I'm missing? Best regards, and thanks in advance. JagHond
  12. :hiya: Good morning to all! Even if I'm fond of driving sims, I left TDU a few years ago for several reasons and came back just a couple days ago. Well, time has past since I used to drive with a Win XP SP2 system (I have a 7 64bit now), but I missed so much those nice feelings I felt the first time I ran it. So I'm back. Let me only convince my "serious" system it's core business of its own this too :lol:, and let the fun begin. Once again! Best regards, JagHond.
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