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  1. Not only I agree in full on all that above, but in your shoes I would follow carefully how the current TDU World's will proceed instead, because that - frankly speaking - is all what we have left at hand. About that other one "project", "initiative" or whatever it is, the most optimistic comment I have about is "Really? Let's wait and see if it will become a true thing". With best regards to all.
  2. Well, I got a honest answer at last (but not by the devs!). Thanks a lot, mate - just hope this will be fixed soon. With best regards.
  3. Thanks a lot for these suggestions. But unfortunately RTX patch doesn't seem able to solve this issue either in x64 PC/systems (I have one). I am playing TDU World, and I have tried all the known tricks - run as an administrator, don't run as above, disable the full screen optimization, run the 4Gb patch, and so on. So no joy definitively in my case? Can anyone of the devs. here help me? Thanks in advance, anywyay it goes. With best regards.
  4. It would be pretty good enough for me if I could solve my persistent issue with TDUW launcher. Only this apart, great update! Good luck, guys, just can't await me too. And hoping sincerely that my strange issue can be fixed very soon. With best regards.
  5. Good morning to all. So, no advise to solve my weird issue? With best regards.
  6. A warm hello to all the good friends here. After installed and activated (succesfully) in full TDUWorld and the UPGRADE 0.4.1 patch, just a month ago the TDUWorld launcher ceased to work. I mean, every time I tried to launch TDUW, after a waiting time I got the error message "TDU2 has to be started from the launcher" in return. Funny that. And weird, at the same time. Addressed to the launcher: if not, what was I attempting to do here instead, mate? This apart... do you have any suggestion to help me? I spent all my time since then in deleting and reinstalling TDU2 (it's a Steam edition), trying also every tip and tool suggested in this same Forum, and I am currently obliged (if so) to run that Knyazev's tool only to get TDUW running. Doing so, all things are going fine, by the way. Thanks for your attention and sorry for bothering. With best regards to all.
  7. A brazen question is due, I guess (and my apologies, in case): would that be added to TDU World one of these days? @Ramon: mate, I have relaized how hard had been your work when I started installing this mod. "Top notch" indeeed, and hats off to you! With best compliments and regards.
  8. Dear Eudemon, thanks for your attention and please excuse me for my late reply. No, I never relaized that, nor anyone told me that actually. I will try to login this way too, hoping that all will go out fine. With best regards. Solved also this! Thanks a lot, dear Eudemon, and with best regards again.
  9. Thank to you both for your kind answers. I am going to reply these: - that same issue happened with any other browser I was trying to use instead of Firefox, Edge as first. - I always attempted to login without any "incognito" or anonymous mode, becasue I don't absolutely need to do something the like here. - I always used my personal accoun data (ID, password) and nothing else, which would not able to figure how to activate either. So weird that, isn't it?
  10. Hi there all. Since a two weeks ago I'm continously asked to renew my password at login because the last renewed one isn't recognised by the system (or whatever). I just can't understand what on earth could have went or I did wrong. It's weird and annoying at the same time, never experienced anything the like before here nor in any other Forums I'm signed in, please trust me on that. That said... some help about, anyone, please? With best regards.
  11. Thanks for your kind reply and sorry for bothering... I would figure that on my own (lack of experience, though). Another weird and annoying issue: to whom should I address my complain about the continuous need to insert a new password every time I attempt a login to these Forums? Just can't figure what should I do and what bad I did, really. Just can't imagine now, please understand and help me. With bets regards.
  12. Thanks for your kind reply, dear Xarlith. And a positive feedback was owed, given the results. You have been clear with your explainations, and made me convinced. Fair enough, I mean. I have to face a severe issue, now. At all of a sudden, TDUW remains still 'blocked' at the first screen after the launch... no other chance available than close it (or reinstalling all from scratch, but this would mean a real pain and losing all the progresses made). I made any possible kind of changes from the orignal stock settings, but I can't find the way to solve that. Add to this also the fact that I'm obliged to change my password every time I'm attempting to log in these forums since a four days ago - never happened before, and my dish of patience is becoming to be full. What's happening here, mate? Help me, please. With best regards.
    These fixes are easy to be installed, thanks as first for the clear and detailed instructions written step-to-step. And they do their job, most of all! I would have rated them "five stars" if it wouldn't some random black screen in Windows happened. Too bad. They would have been really perfect otherwise. My experience is positive.
  13. Good morning, dear Xarlith. The installation procedure went out flawlessy and was not difficult at all - easy, instead. And all ran fine since its first start. Just a question: may I hope in finding the way to tne Ferrari cars of any time in the future? This is a missing feature also in this edition. Not to force you in anything at all, but... I'm Italian, so I had to ask, you know. With best compliments and regards.
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