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  1. I dont have my old save game sadly, and I dont really want to grind everything from the start
  2. I always edited my save for unlimited money in TDU2 since there is no good way of money making, after you finish all the cups, and handling being crappy I mostly enjoyed the game just cruising around in cars. So mmy question is can i do that on TDUW or will that get me banned?
  3. Still on that TDU2 grind? Damn man respect
  4. Probably because RS4 has a V8 which is durable, four bangers arent as reliable especially when you start extracting crazy powers from them, pretty much only reason im keeping my Golf on stock power.
  5. I prefer the dark, but honestly both have too much contrast for me
  6. 435 hp out of a that V6 isnt that much tbh, ive seen GTIs with 400hp out of 2.0l four bangers. But i'd like to see that engine bay as well, Im curious how they packed it in there, I know these engines are quite packed in there.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=jSXccTeJFKA;t=771 Now i kinda regret buying GTI instead of R32
  8. I thought this project went to the dump, cool seeing it still being worked on I'll keep an eye on it.
  9. You can make around 100K in 5 mins grinfing the Uberdam powerboat race, yeah I liked the long races in TC1 not even for the cash but they were just enjoyable especially the offroad ones.
  10. Nice but how about some rewarding races to actually earn the money to buy these?
  11. Too bad the retarded marketing left a bad taste in many peoples mouths, Me included
  12. That is indeed a beefy ride congrats!
  13. Apple's behind times? Its not like they've been using the same flawed designs for years or anything like that
  14. Some studio bought the rights to Test Drive franchise, theres supposedly TDU3 being made..
  15. I played quite a alot of it in alpha and beta stages already then the game seemed boring, but i told myself its because the limited content. I got full version played some and turned out the game doesnt really got that much to offer sadly, it gets boring and repetative very fast, and after youre done with the main "story" theres nothing left to do really.
  16. I was gonna say the same but I checked first and was really surprised
  17. Id love to get one of these someday, if only they weren't nightmare to work on...
  18. The launch sure was a tragedy, but they really improved the game with previous updates, so this one could be really what the game was supposed to be from the start. Might actually get a copy on sale, kinda regret not buying it during summer Steam sales.
  19. Gave the Golf a polish, I think it turned out pretty decent
  20. Hi and welcome to the family! :duck: Personally id buy first decent GTR in a heartbeat if I had the chance and money, but yeah they're not easy to work on and probably expensive to run as well, so you should really reconsider if you can maintain it. It one thing to buy a car, but completely different to maintain and afford it.
  21. What the heck is that? Looks like the car from LFS but in really low quality...
  22. Really cool theyre adding more activities besides racing but, the map size bugs Me, it was my main con in FH3...
  23. @Ozzmcom I know but, I think it was worse in TC1 it annoyed Me sometimes, I didnt really feel it in TC2. Anyway the annouced open beta so You can get your hands on it before release and check it out if You like it or not
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