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Found 9 results

  1. the title says it, the video can be made by you or somebody else one video is allowed :) please don't quote video's :rtr: this thread is the same as the other thread only this time you can post carvideo's i will start with this one offcourse :) :drool:
  2. Koenigsegg Crash They say you cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Well it turns out you cannot break the Nurburgring lap record without breaking some Koenigseggs! (ba dum tss) Puns aside, this one One:1 that had been running laps in preparation for an attempt to take away the production lap record from the Porsche 918 Spyder has had a massive crash, after it appears to have lost control or something has gone badly wrong, resulting in a long stretch of rubber burned into the tarmac at the Adenauer Forst area of the track, continuing onto the grass and crashing through the armco barriers. Strangely the tyre tracks seem to indicate that the car locked-up despite having ABS. Thankfully even with the damage that can be seen and the car briefly catching fire, the occupants, from initial reports, escaped relatively unharmed from the afternoon incident. Koenigsegg Automotive AB can confirm reports online that a Koenigsegg One:1 was involved in a crash during testing as part of Industry Pool at the Nurburgring on Monday, 18 July. The driver was taken to hospital as per standard procedures in such situations and was released the same afternoon. Koenigsegg has participated in Industry Pool testing for a week in each of the last two months, working primarily on vehicle setups both for ongoing vehicle development and for an attempt at a Nurburgring lap record at some time in the future. Being that there is only seven One:1's in existence and that this car (#107) appears to be a customer car according to GT Spirit, it is fair to say that Koenigsegg will want to get this full carbon fiber bodied car back to their HQ and set about returning it to mint condition. (wonder who pays for that?) UPDATE: #107 was bought back from the original German private owner by Koenigsegg back in 2015. There doesn't appear to be any footage of the event itself, however YouTube channel EMS Nordschleife TV has a video showing the aftermath and of the car being recovered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZWEBAHREa8 Packing an absurd 1340bhp, a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds and a theoretical top speed of 280 mph, the One:1 is indeed a monster. For more images from the scene check out the report by GT Spirit.
  3. Laser-scanned Hell More than a year after it was originally announced that iRacing was to bring a laser-scanned version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife to their racing title, do we now have an end date for the tracks actual release of this coming December. For more than half a year, work has been busy on the development of the track where the aim is to make their rendition the *WARNING! buzzwords ahead* "most definitive" version available in a racing game to date. Earlier this year back in April, the Nordschelife and the Grand Prix circuit were already modelled from the laser-scanned data and information that had been collected. Most of the work since then has been in combining these to make up the combined circuit, creation of all the smaller world elements such as barriers, buildings and the scenery; including a petrol pump that has a valid reason for being 'out of order'. Those of you who have been lucky enough to experience the Tourist laps, a Ring-Taxi ride or who have simply caught a glimpse of the Nürburgring webcams will recognise the Tourist centre area. And in a nice touch, iRacing will give players the chance to participate in the tourist lap experience before jumping online and racing against others or perhaps even as a practice session before taking a trip to to tackle the real thing. With the video informing that the footage being seen is still in development and that the polish phase is currently on-going with more visual improvements to come in the "final polish", what is already being shown looks impressive. And for the almost roller coaster like ride the Nordschleife is said to provide it will be one iRacing players are likely to thoroughly enjoy.
  4. Lucky v0.7 The number 7 is a big favourite for being the lucky number of many people, and with this latest update for the Early Access Beta of Assetto Corsa bearing it you could see why, as it brings with it the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit as well as a F1 style open-wheel racecar in the form of the Lotus Exos T125. Available now owners of the title can update their version and enjoy these two brand new items as well all that comes with the fixes and updates below. Assetto Corsa v0.7 Changelog New car Lotus Exos 125 New upgrade Lotus Exos 125 S1 New track Nurburgring GP Less noisy bodywork sound for GT cars Fixed hotlap penalties always on Friends Leaderboard :: filters lap for hotlap mode Some performance improvements Replay size reduced by 25% Gui now restoring hidden apps on exit Fixed Gui issues on apps Fixed smoke issues on replay Tuned low-level settings for smoke Fixed time attack start Some texture update for Autodromo di Monza Anticipated pit limiter when entering pitlane for Silverstone and Silverstone International race circuits "New" badge in UI cars thumbnails New "special tags" filtering. When you select a player car, the AI opponents selection is now suggesting similar cars. You can of course dismiss the special tag and choose more New "add visible" and "clear grid" buttons in custom opponents panel UI Assetto Corsa v0.7 Gallery [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="5]
  5. Ring the Lotus Another update for Assetto Corsa is due this Friday and on their official Facebook they have posted goodies such as a blurred out pic of the Michael-Schumacher-S (keep fighting Michael!) from the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit and updated their cover to an in-game shot of the Lotus Exos T125, in the past these actions have proven to show what is to come to the title so these latest postings have obviously created much excitement for what may be to come on Friday. We've known that the Nurburgring-Nordschleife is coming later this year via the fan vote but this is the first real indication that the GP circuit would be coming much quicker and it could be dropping on us in the next few days! Even better is it adds to the roster and inventory of the game as it builds its way up to it's final v1.0 release. Accessible F1 The Lotus Exos T125 is essentially an F1 car that those with the ability and cash can purchase, the original intent of the project was to create as close to possible an F1 car, but make it that bit easier to drive and a touch more comfortable due to it's bigger cockpit than your typical F1 car. Powered by a Cosworth 3.8 liter V8 that produces a staggering 640bhp and weighing only 590kg due to a bespoke carbon composite with Nomex and aluminium core chassis with carbon composite panels means a power-to-weight ratio of more than 1000bhp per tonne!! That means this fecker is FAST! The signs are good that these are more than likely coming in the next update so if you want to be in on it then click the link below and get the game now! Those of you already enjoying the title will be able to update the game through the normal means when the update is released. Find out more about the Lotus Exos T125 on the official website. Assetto Corsa: Early Access is available on Steam. Thanks - Assetto Corsa Facebook
  6. Kudos to Kunos! Up until now, if you wanted to race on a laser-scanned version of "Green Hell", you either needed an rFactor Professional license, or you needed to be a successful racing driver employed by a team who have their own simulator. Financial issues plaguing the 'ring' over the past few years has made realising this dream a challenge, but now the ambitious studio behind Assetto Corsa are setting out to make that a reality in September 2014. In addition, Kunos will feature 10 community-chosen vehicles in this Dream Pack DLC. Keep tabs on updates to their official website to have your say. http://www.assettocorsa.net/nurburgring-news/
  7. -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- awww yeah, it's that time of year again. Links: Live Commentary : http://radiolemans.0157.org/nplayer.php Official Live Stream : 41. ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen: Live Subaru Cam: NURBURGRING 24H RACE | SUBARU MOTORSPORT | Directed by STI Audi Tv : Audi Liveracing Gazoo Racing : USTREAM | ニュルブルクリンクã¸ã®æŒ‘戦2013 | GAZOO Racing Feed : GPS : 24h Rennen am Nrburgring Live Standings : LIVE TIMING 24H Time Table : http://www.24h-rennen.de/uploads/media/13-05-13_24h_Timetable.pdf Entry List : http://www.24h-rennen.de/uploads/media/Attendance_list_24h-race_2013.pdf stay in tune to turboduck for more:duck:
  8. Anyone going? I'm going to watch free-training and night-qualifying tommorow, qualifying on friday morning and the 24h Classic on Friday aswell. Should be fun! To bad i can't watch the race on saturday/sunday over there. Would've loved that. When i'm back i'll be dumping some photos here! So check back here or follow us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TouriClips
  9. Porsche accuses Nissan GT-R of cheating the 'Ring Posted Sep 30th 2008 9:02AM by Jeremy Korzeniewski Filed under: Supercars, Nissan, Porsche Click above for high-res gallery of the Nissan GT-R Sour grapes or legitimate complaint? That's the question we're left pondering after reading that Porsche believes Nissan must have cheated to record its 7:29:03 lap time of the famed Nürburgring race circuit. Porsche claims that it had been suspicious of the Nissan's lap times, so it acquired a U.S.-spec GT-R for testing back-to-back with its own 911 Turbo and GT2. The result? The mighty Godzilla was toppled by the Teutonic German duo, with the GT-R posting times a good 25-seconds slower than Nissan's claim. How can Porsche explain the discrepancy? "This wonder car with 7:29 could not have been a regular series production car. For us, it's not clear how this time is possible. What we can imagine with this Nissan is they used other tires," says August Achleitner, the man in charge of the 911 program. There is footage of the GT-R lapping the 'Ring at high speed, but it's taken from inside the car where the tires cannot be seen. Considering the fact that Nissan saw fit to issue a press release commemorating the car's fast-lap, we doubt this is something that will be taken lightly. There's a big can 'o worms here, and Porsche's in the corner holding the opener. From Autoblog
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