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  1. good to hear ppl :) thought i might drop by and upload a couple new things first i make a little batch file to make it easy to load a config with only UpLauncher (still a pain in the ass but less than moving files around manually) second i upload my own personal settings, properly scaled for performance from Low to Very High some changes in resolutions and distances, should make for smoother gameplay without noticeable decrease of quality. and as always, shadow distance is increased that u cannot see them draw :) TDU2 Shadow Fix 3.rar recommend anyone who use my mod, but not No Shadows or Framerate fix only, to update to this one; it should be better happy gaming
  2. theyre pullin a fast one!! took the DLC2 moneys and run off
  3. i 2nd this motion also, anyone know what happened to the website and game server right now? they both gone :D
  4. use on screen keyboard m8? not sure but u probably hold shift or alt while u click to simulate holding alt (for alt+enter)
  5. i dont kno wat ur all complaining about. i mean i find a lot of the cars insanely hard to drive but i think thats just realism. i use the TT roadster 24/7 with ps2 pad and i find it perfectly realistic and fun. it drives just like my uncles celica convertible but faster and GTA IV had absoluitely HORRIBLE handling by default. cars are not boats they shouldnt pitch like that and float around and junk think some of u needs to a) drive a real car and b) dont expect every game to be mastered in 30 mins, because all the good games need u to learn to play them
  6. thx for confirming it dont corrupt saves man i can make one for u that only increase distances, to wasted atm but i will def get around to it m8
  7. well said man, i completely agree
  8. ya ghost u need to get the updates :p i manually config mine to b Sunny all the time tho, cuz it start always at same time and play thru the same weather, ****s me off so id rather it just be sunny :<
  9. anythings possible but with the way tdu2 is id expect adding a feature like that to require a loader or something (like hacks) so i doubt anyone will do it at least for a while :<
  10. ahaha if u look above the dirtpath trees that now has shadows there is another 1 also even further and now added only performance not distance mod, for if ur happy with draw distance but want smoother play :)
  11. yh u got me! :o i hope this doesnt negatively effect my sales...
  12. its pretty damn sweet. understeers but in a nice way. the windshield is annoying tho, if u use incar view. and i think the interior is stuck to a ugly orange but, worth getting i think u can see a back view of it here actualy http://forum.tdu-central.com/showthread.php?t=25336
  13. lol who sells a house with a cat already in it maybe the cat owns the house and ur his tenant. any ways i think itd b pretty awesome to have more animals. the birds are nice but some more of them and more insects and deer and junk would be sweeet. ow lol and if u could buy a dog and have him ride shotgun, sometimes stickin his head out the window w tongue hangin out haha if theye gonna add anything tho id like some pedestrians. iv noticed the lack of them really brings the game down due to immersion issues. everything else is perfect but, cuz of no peds crappy old GTA IV with its crappy boat cars and weak gfx is still more immersive in a way :(
  14. hahahaha its a drunkness simulator XD

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