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    Found 20 results

    1. Long time ago, Atari released a DLC for TDU called Mega Car Pack. It featured over 45 new vehicles! I have decided to release this patch to the public so any Vanilla player can play the game LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/kq8bzr84gxgbc/Test_Drive_Unlimited_Mega_Car_Pack_Patch For any info. please leave a comment below. Instructions are in the file included. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2. TDU Forever! TEST DRIVE is making a return!! The rights to the future of the brand have been bought by Bigben Interactive from the Atari Group. The last game to be released in the long running series was Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU 2) back in 2011. Coming 5 years after the release of the cult classic Test Drive Unlimited (TDU) which is still played to this day by a loyal following on the PC mainly due to the talent and generosity of the modding community. And those fans and many like them will be delighted to hear that Bigben has plans to develop new titles in the Test Drive Unlimit
    3. Had a conversation with eden games on their official facebook page(it's verified). I've asked them indirectly and assuming that there won't be any TDU 3, the message I got as a reply: As you can see, Eden games told us to wait. Despite I assumed there won't be any TDU 3, but they didn't agree with me over there.
    4. I can´t believe it! Here it comes... EDEN Games is back! WOHOO! For me it is such a great feeling because I just can´t see such a nice game die. Link to the website: | | Eden Games <-- They are looking fort jobs! I think they won´t develop TDU3 but maybe it is a step into the right direction. You can´contact them but if this function is aviable I will ask them out. :P
    5. Here's something none us were NOT expecting but is their plan to do this in order to breakaway from their parent a good idea? Could it be that the dodgy decision making, the abysmal customer service and operations, the lack of info and the let's face it completely horrid method of running a business over the past number of years all down to those in France? Yeah sure. :rolleyes: Thanks. Atari hit by dwindling revenue, files for bankruptcy | VG247
    6. Earlier when I was looking at what was on offer on the Marketplace I had the mad notion to do a search for TDU2 and something hit me ...a low flying patio heater but that's not important. No, more eyebrow-raising than that was the addition - perhaps even recent - of three new car pack bundles. Now when I say 'new' I don't mean never seen before cars, no what I mean is there are now bundles that contain the already available DLC cars for a small price compared to buying them as before. See for yourself in the screengrab I took below. Is atari awake? Are they doing somet
    7. If you have been bothering to follow the recent news in regards to Atari's latest financial results, then you will know that Atari is currently in the process of divesting Eden Games. What this means is that Atari is basically putting a 'FOR SALE' sign in front of Eden and sticking the same label to it's staff and assets just like they did back in 2006 with the Driver developers Reflections who of course went on to become Ubisoft Reflections and produce the very good (but stupid story) Driver San Francisco. Eden has already been moved to a smaller premises which to be honest makes sense as the
    8. Hello! So i recently bought TDU2 for PC because I wanted to experience the online features that the game offers. I installed the game and updated it to the latest version. It asked for my online activation code(product key) wich I then typed in and it succeeded. Then when I logged in to my Atari account on the start menu - I got this message saying 'Invalid product key! Switching to offline mode.' And I don't know what to do anymore. I've been googling around but there's not much to find. Any response is kindly appreciated!
    9. So i have purchased the game a long time ago and decided to play again. Only to find out that dlc requires atari tokens. Upon trying to purchase them it never ends up going through and paypal never ends up paying these guys. I heard atari went bankrupt so i was wondering if this is why i cant buy atari tokens?
    10. Slowly, I'm really getting annoyed... People that use that launcher that makes it possible to use mods will get banned... Just because they want new sounds or new models, that don't give you any advantage. But they're not doing anything against cheaters. Or is it acutally possible to win a race in 0.0 seconds? I don't think so!! I can't upload any challanges because I lose my money to cheaters!!!
    11. Now That We've Got Your Attention... We invite forum member Ozzmcom to to write about anything... as long as it's interesting: TDU is Back! Well not really, but Ryzza has told me to keep it interesting. So do not get excited or start a testosterone fight please we can keep that to our contests lol (am I allowed to say that? The lol I mean). Now I am obviously off to a great start to my article I should say I haven't done this sort of thing since TDU guide, it was called something like that I guess, I cannot check it because everything apart from turboduck is gone, even Atari. Isn'
    12. So yeah, i can think of some people who wont be sad.. lol Game over? Atari US files for bankruptcy - Business on NBCNews.com
    13. Ryzza5


      No soup for you! We invite forum member John Smith (aka Mr Softie) to write about something that's on his mind: You can't eat soup. Why? 'Cos it's soup, you drink it. But it's food, right? So why can't you eat it? Well you can, but only bits of it. It's mostly soup. With bits. Sometimes. Unless it's cream of chicken or something, and how do you cream a chicken? Poor chicken. But there's something missing from the soup world. Virtual soup. Atari, take note - Test Soup Unlimited, coming “soon”. Imagine the range of flavours you would be able to virtually eat/drink and pretend to taste
    14. Hey guys, whether you are waiting for this game or not the fact of the matter is it is coming and in June some time by the look of it. Dates vary from 8th to 29th and Later for the UK and Australia but anyway I digress. So here we have trailer #2 and I think you'll agree this is a better one than that crappy mess of an Announcement Trailer and I have to say the Nordschleife is looking particularly stunning from the views you see of it as is that fictional track that looks to be based in my enck of the woods up in glorious and sunny Scotland. No that is true well for this week anyway! :D S
    15. A new member of the Atari team is appointed and made some statements about taking action against the hackers and cheaters. Starting with the Mocrapto dude, who is ruining the CRC (PC) for a couple of months now. Mattlab is his name. He calls himself the new Sheriff of TDU2, lol :cool: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums - Mattlab's post
    16. So I kind of started to miss TDU2 a bit after giving it a 7 month break. I heard about the DLC2 news and what not, and I am actually quite interested in how that turns out (if it ever comes out). So I decided to reinstall TDU2 last night and setup my G27 for some cruising with the SLS. And the first problem I encounter is.... the game won't activate... I mean wtf, like I install it fine, but as soon as I get to activate it with my LEGAL CD KEY that I have had since the game came out, I get the "this game has been activated too many times bla bla bla". Which leads me onto secureROM's website. T
    17. Well, I'm fed up with the pathetic BS that Atari and Digital River want to provide me. I install the game, and I receive a message saying I activated the key too many times [i bought the download version]. I was like "No big deal, this has happened before. I'll call, and either get a new key, reset this one, or a manual code". I call, and this is what I get: "Mr. Hummel, I'm afraid that we will be unable to activate the game, and fix your error, as our activation server is currently offline" [i called around 11PM EST]. I said "OK.", and hung up. In the morning, I emailed "[email protected]
    18. If you haven't noticed already then there has actually been Official news regarding the Exploration Pack albeit late but hey something is better than nothing and of course you know the saying good things come to those who wait. So by all that we should be getting a free Pizza or something each... or maybe not. So hey finally something official has come our way and something else that's also telling for a lot of you is the below: UPDATE #1 - 12th July, 2011 @ 23:44 GMT+1 Sounds promising eh? Check it for yourself and read the full official news posting at the link below.
    19. There are words appearing on the t'internet that TDU2 has gone Gold! Hopefully an official release will come to confirm this but it's good to finally know that another delay is looking very unlikely. So if you were waiting for this to not be the case then rest easy, you can pre-order the game for the February release as that is when it's coming! If you're unsure of what gone gold means then basically it means the final version(s) have been completed and are sent away ready for printing and packing to prepare for it's release when we will all be playing it in February. :D It's been a
    20. As the title says, who's getting it??
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