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  1. Those online bonusses are random, and when you finish singleplayer you will get another 599XX for beating Darius Flint :lol:
  2. Thanks :duck: Finally got around to finishing a new set!
  3. Great shots, and your welcome for the photo-upload, not a big effort :duck:
  4. That sls :drool:, last shot is great too!
  5. Lamborghinis.... Great cars, and amazing shots aswell :duck:
  6. All those shots are amazing, and that scenery shot is just perfect :drool:
  7. Nice shot, is that zoomed out, like lower then 1.0? or is that just my eyes being weird :hmmm:
  8. Amazing shots MB, too many amazing ones to name/link, but :drool:
  9. great shots, I really like the high use of aperture in some, and the low use of it in the others :thumbsup:
  10. That spyder looks awesome. I would like to buy the pack but I got better things on my mind. anyways great shots!
  11. Great shots, and you make blue look awesome :thumbsup:
  12. Great sets, out of all these the one-77 would be my favourite, it looks almost real :drool:
  13. Night shots. Night shots. Night shots, I really like your night shots :drool:
  14. Great shots! don't you feel robbed with the dlc pack though? :cheeky:
  15. Those lambo shots make me want to go out and buy the pack, but I won't :lol: Amazing 458 shots aswell!
  16. Did not have the time I wanted for this update, but here's a few shots to keep you all entertained Here's a shot at a dark-ish night time shot. please share your thoughts!
  17. Great shots, and also that first apollo shot looks just like chase cam in the game :lol:
  18. and it's gone. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for causing a random vote, but until I just ctrl f5'd, I was perfectly fine, and able to see Lenny's shot.
  19. I don't really know why I can see it, and you can't.....
  20. Amazing shots, I don't know what it is, but there is something special about them, something I don't see in other shots :drool:
  21. Great shots, your night time settings are spot on I must say!
  22. Nice shots, and :lol: I'm still in your signature
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