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  1. I played it a hell of a lot in the first month, haven't touched it since, might go on soon for a cruise but there's nothing to do one you've completed most of not all of the races.
  2. Shame the game is dead :mhmm:
  3. So there's hardly any reason to get the season pass :mhmm:
  4. hassan1995

    BEWARE - Demo Released!

    I can't believe PDP gave this a go haha, I came here straight after seeing the thumbnail. Congrats dude!
  5. hassan1995

    E3 2018 [megathread]

    I can't wait for E3, I really need to see where Forza is located, I'm also desperate to see the new tomb raider gameplay.
  6. hassan1995

    Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

    Some spots from last week[ATTACH=full]31159[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]31161[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]31160[/ATTACH]
  7. hassan1995

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    That's insane
  8. hassan1995

    Need your help voting!

    Cheers mate!, judges are also assessing the entries as this is the public voting section so hopefully they like the concept too.
  9. hassan1995

    Need your help voting!

    Over the past months me and a friend have been working on this design project and have gotten into the top 15, there is a public voting and we'd greatly appreciate the votes, it's a simple pop in your email address and you'll recieve an email to confirm the vote and presto! vote done. Thanks and this is greatly appreciated! Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2018 Our project is the Toyota 3D now
  10. It's amazing, for what it lacks in top speed it's brilliant in and out of the corners.
  11. It's a really good pack, every car has it's own fun thing to do. I can't wait to engine swap the subaru and the 2cv and chuck it around the Nurburgring with the guys in the rain.
  12. hassan1995

    Had a Good Day? Post Your Story Here!

    I'd like to also know how to download love. Congrats ry!
  13. I'm not too fussed about the avatar, having a house and a garage where you can drive into like tdu2 would be great. So basically what we want is an Asia based tdu2 with all the forza qualities :lol:
  14. Little details is what the game is missing, turn signals and functional roof for example would allow another depth of immersion the horizon game could do with, it's not like these things are hard to do, tdu 2 did both and gt sport has working turn signals which look great. I'd love an Asia located map with something like Fujimi kaido to go to at say the top of the map, that would be amazing for some exploring and drifting.
  15. Haven't had a crack at the campaign yet, from what I've seen it looks in depth and good, had to buy a few cars because I couldn't resist.