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  1. where is the interior file? can someone send it to me somehow?
  2. Are you still working on this beetle? Please release it, its crazy!!
  3. rs6_avant_f_04.bnk = q7_v12_f_04.bnk rs6_avant_f_03.bnk = q7_v12_f_03.bnk so change the rim name to q7... and you will see them on RS6 last two slots.
  4. Hi tototo, can you maybe create this O.Z wheels for lancia delta http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/mike_photos_photos/P1010518.jpg and this http://www.steverinkbanden.nl/upload/WEB_ULTRALEGGERA20SR_1_eps_B.jpg
  5. http://imageshack.us/a/img208/8429/iwn4.jpg when will be this mod released? great car
  6. Yes man!! Hakosuka for life! Best car ever.
  7. Thank you man so much for your mods! Great car!
  8. You must be good at modding if you are Vitality's friend:P Great car :)
  9. Great mod man! But i prefer your GTR Spec-V :)
  10. Sick car, sick mode:) Great job:)
  11. Thanks :) One more thing, do you have Reventon's mod for Diablo GTR or Porsche 997? Please respond :)
  12. Where can I get eleanor? Di mogu dobit eleanor? :P
  13. omg how stupid am I haha :D i couldn't find that :/ thanks very much
  14. Great mod! Perfect car! Way better then on screenshots :)
  15. how can i download the car? please help.. it looks sick :)
  16. this is my dream car and please someone HELP.. how can i download this car???
  17. best car ever!!! great car very nice mod :) nice replace for zonda F
  18. the car is good but lights can be better
  19. awesome car! much much better than the old srt10 :)
  20. nice! great car i way better then ruf :)
  21. it would be better if it was GT version but SV is sick too. great car, good job :)
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