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    Replace: Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR Convert and editing: Vitaliy997 Original model: Turn10 (Forza Motosport 4) Sound by: Helper123 Features: Working mirrors, doors, lights, windows, indicators in cockpit Custom rims, tires, brake rotors and calipers, gauges (by me), sound (by Helper123) Version with and without black stripes
  2. Minime891, 87MB logo?! What?! You can't make 3d logo?
  3. Good work Minime891. I Like your Aventador. Waiting for release 0.4.
  4. Why you don't use SLOD model? Hard for you?
  5. Minime, i can stop modding if you want this? :hiya:
  6. Minime891 is my idol? Ok, you see what what he write? "Better modders that other" Minime891, who are you?
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