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  1. Beautiful low car
  2. Plan to release Toyota Altezza and Toyota Supra in the tuning package, and without
  3. My old fashion, which were not included in the release :) Besides Toyota Chaser z_e84fc787[1] z_acf40e57[3] u74658874/-7/z_acf40e57 gBLJ5VZXUEg[1] lHDFN6Bny1U[1] TestDrive2 2012-11-18 16-44-19-78 z_3f4e790d[1] z_1023a74f[1] z_f548694e[1] z_a7972dbc[1] v933Gg8qPEU[1] z_dce00197[1] fLiUhhrKzcU[3] Wsmw8hdHyPI[1] TestDrive2 2012-10-28 19-58-24-11 image2 TestDrive2 2012-10-26 14-18-25-45 TestDrive2 2012-07-01 13-26-57-62 Altezza TestDrive2 2012-06-30 09-03-03-91
  4. Doing in your spare time, though not a twin turbo)
  5. Wow, it turns out that the new routes will soon? :)
  6. Drift settings are planned? I'd love to) Do not hurry, I want a quality drift)
  7. Wow, look very cool when scheduled release? :)
  8. I'm busy right now order Toyota Mark II (VIP) ....
  9. I do not think I'll do another mod, just a different brand, a little long does it all
  10. No, this version I did not) --- Post Updated --- Thank you very much
  11. I can finish his Toyota Altezza and will soon bring to release) TestDrive2 2012-07-01 13-26-57-62
  12. More than a year doing fashion, this site is not never put out their work
  13. Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it, make sure the fashion, they always want and more, can be in TDU2 has a great future: D
  14. Replace: Nissan 370Z Convert and editing to TDU2: Roman Hahonin. Original Model: Turn10 (Forza Horizon) Thanks to: Vitaliy997 Features: Working front doors, windows, mirrors (very good). COCK_LR = LOD1, BODY_MR and BODY_LR - LOD0. Working indicators. Tires - SLOD. Custom brake discs, calipers. Version with GPS and with static HUD. 2 sets of wheel Screenshots: 2 sets of wheel Interior night and sun: Download Mediafire
  15. Hi, how can I make as well as you increase your drives and add larger tires? (c modellingu sign): D
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