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  1. Big Ben/Kylotonn WRC titles even had a smaller car selection compared to Milestone latest WRC titles.
  2. Cobra11 games have been sold in North America, but I don't know about WR2 though. So, as you said, that probably have made things harder since the game might not have been sold everywhere. Regarding the community, both games had (and still have) the main part of it on german places, which is not helpful aswell. Even if you can actually speak english in those places since the admins know english very well, the fact these places are german might tend to keep away people from other countries. About the WR2 modding community, we are actually stronger than before, which IMHO is the best thing which could ever happen for the game :p You can check a dear friend's facebook page, he works on both addon cars and tracks, everything which is related to the closed circuit racing "ambient": https://www.facebook.com/WR2-Modding-Progress-1533017150260959 While, there's my FB page too in my signature. :p
  3. I would like to help you since I very appreciate the interest you are putting into transitions which are very important to make the samples switch smoothly, but I never tried to make engine sound mods for TDU so I don't actually know how to do it for this game :( If you need help with sample editing (not TDU related) feel free to ask though!
  4. I have nothing more to say, links have been removed thanks to Diablo, that's what matters.
  5. So if you leave your house's door open it's like "please take my furniture".
  6. So you think a car is unlocked and you have all the rights to use it? Read the readme files, everything is written there, stating the fact you can't use their work without asking first. Some GTA modders don't close their cars because there are ways to rip these even if you lock the models, so it's just useless to lock them. That doesn't mean you are allowed to do such things. Ever heard of respect of other people content, work, efforts and property?
  7. From which game is, originally, the 2015 ML63 AMG you stole from GTA SA? It's completely scratch made, so not from any game. What's your excuse now? What rights do you have to use an own made scratch 3D model?
  8. So, I now know what I always thought about your mods, they are all stolen. It was so obvious since you never credited anyone, just picking whatever you saw in GTA SA and dropping it into TDU but now I have proofs. This is Mad_Driver10's Montreal, the Jalpa is from MD10 too and you don't have permission to convert his cars. Delete them.
  9. I doubt so, every car converted by you has the same problem, no badge trasparency. Did you forget to export the alpha channel too from the TXD?
  10. Looks kinda bumpy to me around the passenger seat side area. Are those normals, "normal"? :lol: All the rest looks fine.
  11. Since I don't know how TDU materials work, my only guess is that's a "normals" problem.
  12. The 718 and the 356 are astonishing. T10 finally decided to put these two classics ingame. Thought the same thing about that 996, the rear end is kinda messy just like the previous ones :lol: If you consider it was in FM1 aswell it's actually a rework going on since a decade :D
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