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  1. I´ve seen a Porsche GT3 RS a few days ago, he was behind me at the traffic light. a friend made a video out of my passenger window. If he´s going to send it to me, then i´ll post it here :)
  2. Lucess

    ARMA 3

    I got me the DayZ if you mean that, and I play alone because none of my friends has it :'( if you or anybody else wants to play with me / wants me to play with you, add me on steam, it´s "[AGG] Lucess" :) Steam Community :: ID :: [AGG] Lucess <- my profile, maybe it´ll be easier to find me now ^^
  3. I was using AIMP3, but I need to drag & drop it from Windows Explorer, which doesnt sort it in Genres which is pretty annoying... so I´m using iTunes and I am happy with it. Also, because of my iPod I need iTunes and sorting my music in Win Explorer and iTunes at the same time is too much work for me and I forget to add new songs in iTunes or Win Explorer which leads to one of them lacking my new songs. Sure, iTunes sucks a lot of RAM but with TuneUp Utilities it is disabled when I don´t need it :D
  4. alright, thanks a lot already, going to test it when the servers are back on ^^
  5. thanks, it did help me, because I found posts that google didn´t give me. at least I found out where to buy one of my cars. but since the game servers are down at the moment, I can´t buy it yet. Do you have a solution for my second question, too?
  6. Hey, I´m almost sorry for opening another thread, but I need help with my DLCs. I bought tokens on the website, testdriveunlimited2.com, and bought my DLCs in their store, not ingame. said, done, my tokens are gone and it says bought at the cars i bought. but they won´t appear at the used cars dealer, not online and not offline, doesn´t matter how often i will restart my game. Also, they didn´t send me an E-Mail with product keys or something. My first question now is: Do I need to activate them first? if so, how? I got the Audi RS5 Coupé in the Steam Summer Camp 2011, and it works just fine. got my key, activated via the website, appeared at the used car dealer. but my problem now is, that i sold it and now want to have it back. is it only possible to have each car one time and when you sold it, it´s gone forever? it seems so, because it just won´t spawn at the dealer. also, it´s not available at Audi, but i guess it will never be there. My second question: If possible, How can i buy a DLC again? Maybe it´s important that i started a new profile on my account, and the cars weren´t even available then. but that may be because (i think) it was offline. but still, i read it was a possibility to start the game offline. Please help me if you can, since I really want to drive around with my DLCs... edit: you can see the DLCs in my profile on testdriveunlimited2.com, and ingame the casino works. but I still miss my 2 other cars...
  7. maybe you should add that you want the steering wheel a little bit more down so that you can look out of the windshield... just a little hint
  8. alright I found out where to buy them ingame, but i still have another question: I bought the Casino DLC on their website, along with 2 cars, but they won´t appear ingame. I already have the Audi RS5 Coupé, but I got that one via Steam for free, so Steam gave me the key. where do I get the Casino key now, and the other two car-keys? checked my e-mails already but there are no un-read ones. plus, when I´m in the DLC store on their website, it says "bought" so i can´t purchase them anymore and my tokens are gone too. how do i get the key-codes? please help me :( oh and i forgot to say: none of my DLCs, be it the new ones or my older Audi, are to see in my TV in my house. maybe it´s important
  9. @Diablo: ahh i thought already :D how do I resize the pictures again? :/ @DanG: yeah i noticed that too, but there was a Stirling Moss that year later, but i hadnt my mobile with me to take a photo...
  10. whoa, awesome, what you all see there :D I already feel good when I see an AMG driving through my town :D But still, here are some snapshots from my "very lucky days": a Mercedes Benz SLR -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- an Audi A7 Sportback (was dark there, sorry) -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- an Audi Q7 S-Line http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/685/foto0021au.jpg a Mercedes Benz CL500 http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/148/foto0108e.jpg and a Porsche (dont know the model, but still) http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/9463/foto0118e.jpg and on Monday, I saw a 2009er ML63 AMG ^^ seems like the photos aren´t motivated ^^ What the Hell, it keeps changing the URL -.- okay, maybe they are a little big, but it seems to work now. whoops, looks like i removed the smaller pics again :/ sorry... [mod edit:] Please don't post pictures above 500kB, use a thumbnail or a text link instead.
  11. thank you all for welcoming me that friendly :D I´m not used to it from other forums ^^ btw, how do i say thank you for a post? ^^
  12. well, after I played with my backup a bit, I managed to crash my windows *dumb face* tried to unpack the explo pack, and well, it crashed my windows explorer ^^ but hey, i still like TDU2, with my savegame or without.
  13. Hey guys, i still don´t get this DLC2 stuff. I have downloaded it, and I was able to see people riding bikes. but I don´t know where to buy them neither have I seen anyone driving a new car. so, where do I buy a bike and those cars, or do i have to pay Atari Tokens for them first? please help me because I really want to know that...
  14. Hi guys, I managed to get my Savegame corrupted. Is there a way to restore it? I mean, is there a tool or any other way to reset it? because it´s quite some time since my last backup. and I´m totally not motivated to re-do it all since my last backup... please help me if you can :/
  15. well, hi at first, I have a little... "Problem". I was on version "DLC2 build 0.25" or 0.23, don´t remember, and unpacked my game. now what version do i have? is it still the DLC2 or is it Exploration Pack again? how do i find out my version number? thanks for your help :)
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