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    Found 15 results

    1. Hey, as you noticed: Only Camera Hack V1 works with Dlc 2. And i want a camera hack like V3.1, which has FOV ;) Here you can see a screenshot out of V3.1. (Increase Fov, Decrease Fov). Now comes my question. Can someone make a tool which has this option. With this option you are able to feel the speed and it's really fun to drive 250. Cheers!
    2. Hi guys ;) Today I must ask you something. I know, Eden Games are down and additionally I read on other site, that now we can't download DLC2 as a patch - around the cars it said "no offer". It's really truth? Explo and DLC2 are fre DLCs, but 'cause Eden are "dead" it's no chance to enjoy DLC2 cars and bikes? Why am I asking? Because I prepare myself to buy another one copy of the game, but for online gaming only I don't know if I want it... ;) Greetings, MRO'
    3. Do you know any unpack for dlc2 v034?
    4. Hi guys, I'm pretty new here so I don't know if I post this topic in the right category, so sorry for that. I just downloaded DLC2 for TDU2, and there was supposed to be two motorcycles dealerships. I went to the one in Ibiza but it says it's "under construction, coming soon". I don't wanna play TDU2 online, I just wanna play offline and explore the islands. How can I actually buy a motorcycle? Isn't the DLC2 supposed to actually, ADD bikes and bikes dealership, not give me some stupid construction site? btw: sorry for my english, i'm romanian.
    5. Hi, I install TDU2 with all updates (unpack it) and downloaded Knyazev Universal Launcher [v3.1]. Problem is, i cant start game,why? :confused: I get this after starting (with Launcher) This software must be authenticated online prior to use. For activation a valid serial number and an active Internet connection is required. Please visit our support homepage for additional information: SecuROM PA Unlock page I use it for off-line play only..... Sorry for bad English.
    6. If you remember back in 2011 there was a Japanese site where some images were found of the Range Rover and other in-game shots that we all enjoyed seeing. Well this same website has got a new section up showing off the DLC2 and it's contents with a release date of 29th May 2012 and something else shortly after for the PS3. Now the first DLC was delayed heavily for the PS3 due to something that was needing changed or was unapproved in respect to the Japanese edition so maybe, just maybe, this is there way of making peace. Probably not but hey from the look of it the Japanese community of player
    7. The sounds of all the vehicle's dlc2 does not work the same way as before (there were different sample idle offhigh onmiddle ....) while the new sounds are just 2 or 3 mixed sounds. This is why it is hard if not impossible to make a good sound mod with the vehicle (motorcycles by emple) if someone at a solution? thanks
    8. Hey guys, i still don´t get this DLC2 stuff. I have downloaded it, and I was able to see people riding bikes. but I don´t know where to buy them neither have I seen anyone driving a new car. so, where do I buy a bike and those cars, or do i have to pay Atari Tokens for them first? please help me because I really want to know that...
    9. Samples from GTR and FM4 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?g14wxd3bwssipgz
    10. Yeah sound "improved" with DLC2. Here is two extracted example how it works EDEN, see filenames :) Veyron SS: ................... saleens7_onhigh.wav ST_370z_offrumble.wav ST_722_onlow.wav ST_clk_onmidhigh.wav ST_fordgt_onmid.wav ST_saleens7_onlow.wav ST_tw_offhigh_sports.wav ST_tw_offlow_sports.wav ST_tw_onhigh_sports.wav ST_tw_onlow_sports.wav ST_veyron_idle.wav ST_veyron_startup.wav ...................................... ZR1: ...................................... ST_audi_s5_onverylow.wav ST_camaro2SS_idle.wav ST_camaro2SS_offrumble_high.w
    11. ## UPDATE: 2012-03-08 | First Official Bike Image shown ## Wall Photos | Facebook ## UPDATE: 2012-03-01 | Small update regarding DLC2 ## Source: DLC2 Status Update - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums Just saw this posted by Meixy at TDU2.com Source: DLC2 Details Released - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums
    12. As you know the dlc 2 is out for pc but there is a problem ,the unpacker doesn't recognize it so you will have like a useless dlc ,so somebody gotta start making some changes to the program .Let me know what you think about this ,does it worth giving up at all them car mods for some bikes and 6 new cars or you will wait for a new unpacker so you can play the game with all of your car new models ? I mean if you unpack the game you will lose all the dlc2 content ,if you don't, you will be able to use the dlc2 content but u wont be able to mode the cars no more(no more lambo's or bmw's)
    13. Hey there, as you may know when Atari say nothing and time starts passing by to ridiculous levels I like to go searching and try and find things that may be on that thing known as the internet. And find something I did, I stopped after finding this so maybe there is more out there that I will look for once this thread is posted. Funny thing, I sent a message to Atari about passing an image of a bike for the TV and heard nothing back, and what do you know I got it anyway. :D. Go me! :duck: UPDATE #1: 28th March 2012 @ 00:15 GMT+1 Credit to sharks80 for the discovery of the below image
    14. ...give one of the bikes away for free. :) (slower Ducati preferably) Hey there, now I know many of you will be saying "duh" to this thread title and I know others will look at it and completely disregard it and go off on one about how can they support the game with no money coming in but let me explain my thinking behind this a minute before you shout at me. Back in 2006 TDU came out for the Xbox 360 and then early 2007 the PC got to savour the delights that we console players had been shouting and praising (as well as moaning about) the last few months and despite the problems the
    15. Not enough one picture of DLC 2? Don't worry, here is lots, and all have official quality!!! XD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand lots of motorcycle:
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