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  1. all this car nead is a sound mod and a hud. anybody have a sound and i hud for this car ? like this one buy i cant dowlode :(
  2. thx that is the hud is f up the sound is at 8800rpm can i sent you the audio file and then you fix it :D
  3. thx good i am stock relly nead som help lisen to this one beta - YouTube
  4. aha okey thx but can somebody make it it wode be f assome to have the Mulsanne in tdu
  5. relly thx did not know that forza had the bentley mulsanne woow thx agen
  6. hi i really really really like the new bentley mulsanne is is one off the best cars EVER i whee sh i con one one but sadly i cant :ill: but it whode be cool to have it in tdu i nead help to convert the car from gta sa tdu i pay money if somebody:) can do it thx love tdu
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFsCToDMd_Q&feature=youtu.be I need help with add backfiger sound and I need help to making the sound much smother lock at the vid for example at 0,16 the sound between low and mid and hig don't go together relly whod like a profesonol to help me it is only fine tuning the soundand it wheel be finish lets make a f____ assume 458 sound mod ::)
  8. thx for the feed back :D --- Post Updated --- thx for the feed back :D you ar a pro can you help me fix the sound :D i am a new at this aka nooob
  9. beta sound mod like and subscribers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duIi3ZZ26NA&feature=youtu.be link http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ljlefjw12bk233/SRT6_Cpe_audio.rar
  10. hear is my sound mod i wheel uppdate it soon Released ferrari 458 sound mod by adildo | turboduck forum tduzogger you can youse my sound mod in you mod
  11. thx for the fedback nexst is the f12 sound mod :D
  12. i tride it only work for 30 sek dont now why
  13. ee i dont now how to recurd i wheel put a vid of the sound mod when i now how to thx
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