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  1. Love the new patch. Wasn't it said somewhere earlier that the 2011 BMW M1 V1.0 mod would be included with this update? It'd be nicer as a standalone so I could mod that ugly RUF into a sexier Porsche.
  2. Would anyone be up to the task of making a Mazda RX-8 (2008 model or newer) and a sound mod to go with it? This car would fit perfectly alongside the Hyundai Genesis, Honda S2000, etc. I've always wanted one, and having one in TDU2 with the wankel engine sound would be great. Just please, for the love of whatever god you worship, don't use the Need for Speed Shift 2 sound file for the car. It's horrible.
  3. I'm not sure what exactly that last comment means, but have you fixed the problem with the exterior sounds being used when the roof is on and the interior sounds used when the roof is off? It's not that big of a deal, but it'd be nice to have fixed.
  4. Amen to that. Got the FBI/Moneypak virus going there last night. Decided it was time to reinstall virus protection.
  5. So, this must just be me, but when I click on these lalalalalala links, I get this:[ATTACH]19811[/ATTACH]
  6. I'm down to test out sounds. Love not having to hear a dyno in the background while I'm driving.
  7. Go on Google and search TDU2 Interactive Map. It has the dealership locations. As for the lag, make sure you have no extra files in the TDU2 files such as Dxd9.dll, as that causes the game to lag. Also try running the launcher as administrator to see if it fixes it.
  8. MadMan, I'll look into that in a few. I think I know of a way to shut off the auto-panning. One of the .CPR files has to be edited if I remember right.
  9. [ATTACH]19770[/ATTACH] Oh yeah, by the way, did you guys manage to fix the missing part of the body in the Alfa 8C for V04? This is a bad quality picture, but it's the only one I could get. I was surprised it hadn't been fixed in V03b. Edit: It's where the left part of the windshield holder thing meets the dash. In the picture it looks like a gray line, but in the game you can actually see through it like the missing RUF RGT panel.
  10. I'm really interested. Are links allowed? I tried to look for Shadee43, and "TheBlackHennessey" came up on YouTube with tons of TDU2 vids. Nothing on v04 though.
  11. Quick question, does this require the camhack to work properly? It'd help if the modders would post whether or not their car requires it, like StarGT does. Car looks amazing though :drool:
  12. I'd volunteer to make the videos and export them for you if that helps. Laggy videos have kept me from downloading a lot of sounds, even though I'm sure they're great. I think a good way to fix this, if you can't upgrade your PC, is to import it to Sony Vegas and either up the framerate or enable frame skipping so that the sound synchronizes.
  13. Does this require the camhack? This looks amazing but I don't like vehicles that need the camhack as it messes with the unofficial patch's camera settings.
  14. How exactly do you download this?
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