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  1. Yep, that´s a bad side effect of the bloom. :sulk: Sadly it´s unfixable without destroying the graphics modifications look. In races or whenever you want you can disable the mod with "Shift + F12".
  2. Added Activation/Deactivation notice to the Readme.
  3. I'm going to fix that problem tomorrow. Thanks for reporting that. :) BTW: Does the mod work now? Edit: Added Activation/Deactivation notice to the thread.
  4. Put the files in your TDU2 folder. Then start your game. Hit Shift + F12 and see if it works.
  5. Oh ok. They work for me. I´ll try to fix them. You can also find all pictures on my website. EDIT: I hope they are working now.
  6. Released: Released REVOLUTIONFX | turboduck forum
  7. REVOLUTIONFX A graphics revolution for TDU2. REVOLUTIONFX is a graphics modification for Test Drive Unlimited 2. It makes TDU2 appear more modern and fresh. Features: Bloom EdgeAA (Antialiasing) LenzReflections (lens flare) reworked sky (sun, clouds etc.) reworked environment (colors, reflections etc.) reworked lighting (cars, house interior etc.) Pictures: Bugs: Please tell me if you find any bugs and I will try to fix them. Known bugs and fixed bugs will be listet here later. Installation: Extract the files from the archive into the game directory or where the game execution file is (.exe). Activation/Deactivation: After you installed the modification correctly, start the game. Press Shift + F12 to activate and deactivate the modification. Copyright: © 2007-2015 Vorontsov Boris ENB Preset by Wieditox DOWNLOAD ​WIEDITOXMODZ
  8. Aaand some more! I know you want them! :drool:
  9. First screenshots... enjoy them. :smig: The modification is still unnamed, but as you can see it will push the graphics really good!
  10. Hey guys. I´m BACK! I started modding again. And yes, an ENB for TDU2 is in the works! And yes, it will be great, just as my previous ones. More informations in some days/weeks. Check out my new website for screenshots, informations and other stuff. :nods: Website: http://wieditoxmodz.wix.com/wieditoxmodz Have a great day, Wieditox
  11. Thanks man. ;) I have to do some testing. I think I will release it in 2-3 weeks or so. :nods:
  12. Here I got a preview for you. ;) Yes it is ingame. :D [ATTACH]22713[/ATTACH]
  13. Alright guys. Actually I was finished with this project. But I will make one final version of EPIC ENB. It will be called "EPIC ENB FINAL". I will start working on it now. The project SmoothFX is paused as long as I am working on EPIC ENB FINAL. Btw. I just wanted to thank all you guys who like my mods and support me. Thanks! ;)
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