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    Found 19 results

    1. Hi guys.I have one problem that is really annoying.It is with gearbox when i try to shift gears sometimes i need to press three or more times is really getting on my nerves :( .especially on corners.I tried every patches ,tried reinstaling the game nothing helped.so maybe you guys know the fix for this problem. I am using Windows 7 64bit
    2. For all newcomers that are unable to find answers via searching, please ask your questions regarding the acquisition and installation of TDU2 PC mods in this thread after reading through this thread to make sure your query hasn't already been answered. Link to Unpacker GUI: Xarlith : TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] - Japan Language Support | turboduck forum Now how to insert a mod: After unpacking the game correctly you will find some more subfolders in the "Euro"-folder (e. g. avatar, database, frontend...and so on...). In these folders you will find files that in most cases can be modded. The most important folder "vehicules". Here you find all ingame-cars. C:\...\tdu2\Euro\bnk\vehicules\ here are 4 folders that are important - high (carbody) - interiors ("inside-life" of the cars) - med (make you see the same car (as yours modded one) on other player/s when drives it in game) - rims (selfexplaining, rims sorted by brands) additionally in some cases: C:\...\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\vehicles\gtr_high.bnk (carsound, but not every package has a separate mod for the carsound) Example on a certain car (e. g. Nissan GT-R) Files of the car: - gtr.bnk (in the high-folder) - gtr_i.bnk (in the interior-folder) - gtr_med.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_low.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_f_01 (frontrims in the rim/nissan-folder) - gtr_r_01 (rearrims in the rim/nissan-folder) The files in the modpackage have the same names, cause it's needed for working. Only the content of the bnk-files is different (in other words modded). And the modded files have to be copied into the needed folders, that means they replace the originial files. Little advice from my side: make a savecopy of the hole "Euro"-folder, so if something gets messed up meanwhile modding, you still have all original files. Important is, that only the car can be replaced, which files are in the modding-package. It is possible to switch (e. g.) a nissan gt-r with a bugatti. But the car looks like crap afterwards. That's all folks ;) All previous threads asking about this have been merged and are below... please read through it - someone may have already asked your question.
    3. http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/33413-revolutionfx
    4. Hello everyone, with this kind of title I'm pretty sure you're thinking "but what's the deal of making a patch on a game supported by their own creators?". Well let me tell you: Fix every bugs/glitches never fixed by dev (RGT hole for example) Add clothes/cars/stuff created by modders Put suggestions from community in game every month Gamers part: TDU 2 COMMUNITY PATCH V0.1 DOWNLOAD Older Version: TDU2 COMMUNITY PATCH v0.1.rar Check TDU 2 Wiki page to see TDU 2: CP progression! TDU2 Community Patch - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Source If you feel ready for the adventure, and if you have a great quality project/mod, please feel free to send me a PM (with pics and a download link to let me test).
    5. Article here: BeamNG DRIVE: Playable Demo Released | turboduck Discuss here!
    6. Hi guys, I'm pretty new here so I don't know if I post this topic in the right category, so sorry for that. I just downloaded DLC2 for TDU2, and there was supposed to be two motorcycles dealerships. I went to the one in Ibiza but it says it's "under construction, coming soon". I don't wanna play TDU2 online, I just wanna play offline and explore the islands. How can I actually buy a motorcycle? Isn't the DLC2 supposed to actually, ADD bikes and bikes dealership, not give me some stupid construction site? btw: sorry for my english, i'm romanian.
    7. Well it's nice to see some actual media and hear some of the sounds which do sound good you have to say. What I found quite funny was the modern dubstep soundtrack over the classic parts, possibly breaking the video into the old and new would have been better than having that bassy track dubbing over both. All the same it looks like it will be worth watching and here's hoping it is actually worth playing. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Video Game, GT Exclusive: Debut Trailer | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com What did you guys think? :duck:
    8. ## UPDATE: 2012-03-08 | First Official Bike Image shown ## Wall Photos | Facebook ## UPDATE: 2012-03-01 | Small update regarding DLC2 ## Source: DLC2 Status Update - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums Just saw this posted by Meixy at TDU2.com Source: DLC2 Details Released - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums
    9. Atari officially announced the car list today and as you can see it's full of Ferrari's!! Wait what oh yeah it's a Ferrari game so I guess that makes sense. :nuts: Anyway as you can see there are a number of models you've probably never seen in a game before or perhaps even heard of but that is what's good about games like these right? Somewhat annoyingly the much mentioned 52 cars listed on many retailers appears to now be 51 and if you have been following events around the internet you will see that some cars that have been listed appear to have been changed or removed but this could mean that they are planning to support the game after release with DLC providing the game is fairly popular with you guys. *hides* Car List Key: ---- [Latest Update] [Pre-order bonus] [Downloadable Content] Day One retail disc* -------------- Ferrari 125 S 1947 Ferrari 166 Inter 1948 Ferrari 212 Export Spider Vignale 1951 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1957 Ferrari 250 California 1957 Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 Ferrari 275 GTB 1964 Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta 1967 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB4 1968 Ferrari 365 GTS4 1969 Ferrari 308 GTS 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole 1982 Ferrari 288 GTO 1984 Ferrari F40 1987 Ferrari F40 Competizione 1989 Ferrari 512 BB 1976 Ferrari Testarossa 1984 Ferrari 512 TR 1991 Ferrari 348 Spider 1993 Ferrari F355 GTS 1994 Ferrari F355 Spider 1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge (1995 series) Ferrari F333 SP 1994 Ferrari F50 1996 Ferrari F50 GT 1997 Ferrari 360 Spider 2000 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 2003 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina 2000 Ferrari 575M Maranello 2002 Ferrari 'Enzo Ferrari' 2002 Ferrari FXX 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2004 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 2006 Ferrari F430 2004 Ferrari F430 Spider 2005 Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2007 Ferrari F430 Challenge (2006 series) Ferrari 125 S Monoposto 1947 Ferrari 312 F1-67 Monoposto 1967 Ferrari 312 B3-74 Monoposto 1974 Ferrari 312 T4 Monoposto 1979 Ferrari 126 C2 Monoposto 1982 Ferrari F1-87 Monoposto 1987 Ferrari F1-90 Monoposto 1990 Ferrari 248 F1 Monoposto 2006 Ferrari F2007 Monoposto 2007 Ferrari F2008 Monoposto 2008 Ferrari 458 Italia 2009 Ferrari California 2009 Ferrari 150° Italia Monoposto 2011 Pre-order specials ---------------- Ferrari FF 2011 - [Pre-order bonus via Gamestop] Rumoured --------- Ferrari 456 GT 1993 - [bADNED] Ferrari Ascari Concept 2005 - [bADNED] Ferrari F2002 2002 - [bADNED] *excludes any on-disc locked content :evil:
    10. Just to get this section singing I thought I would ask of you all what games of Test Drive you have played in the past. Were you an Amiga Elitist (:cheeky:) or a PlayStation one? :D Myself I know I have played Test Drive 1, The Duel, and Test Drive 4/5/6. Never forget chasing supercars in that TVR police car that was a right handful to handle. Unfortunately NFS was brilliant at this time and really showed the floors (;) Baldy!) that the same period TD's suffered from.
    11. well, im not sure but looks like we got a new test Drive game coming and its not from Eden. and it will be called Test Drive Ferrari Test Drive Ferrari Announced! Sim Racing News
    12. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone is up for a cruise tonight on the XBOX 360 platform of TDU 2. If you are interested feel free to contact me on here via the forum or throught XBOX Live. My gamertag is peejadee
    13. Please someone help me, its a real paint having a right hand drive car that MUST be left hand drive. I know its possible, but how? Any help is greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:
    14. I have had TDU for a while but I would like to utilize the online stuff as Its driving me crazy! When I first bought the game game it came with no serial so that helps. :thumbsup: I want to buy TDU again and the Megapack but NO WHERE online can you buy it for Oceania/New Zealand/Aus. Is there anywhere I can get these 2 as a digital download or anything?:(
    15. Hello all when im going on the first race after geting the first house and the first car i press ok and the race donsent starts but the camera stiil going in circle but nothing heppends i have really good computer so thats not he problem please help me to solve this thanks for help.
    16. Hello to all the tdu c :thumbsup: Tomorrow I organize a Wednesday ride a 17h30 mercedes front of the south island My theme is "cars mercedes" List of cars allowed - Mercedes CLK, CLS, 300SL - Chrysler 300C for my MERCEDES ML - Audi S4 for my mercedes g class The rules are the same in reality driving Please come and many do not register when you are inviting does not come Thank you MANTETHE84 :cool:
    17. ok... I've been trying for 3 months now to get online ... i reinstalled the game for like 10 times, installed patches , uninstalled megapack,, installed the right updates ,, i have a original test unlimited bougt in the store,,Still cant go online ...says "can't connect to the tdu servers, please check ur network status" blabla very friendly but not very helpfull :( But now if i reinstal tdu wont ask me for my cd key:confused: i'm using windows vista .. srr for my bad english i'm dutch :) Please help me guys .... i want to go online soooo bad :oook: Thnx allready ;)
    18. all hi yo~ i present to you my electro house and caffeine fueled tdu video ;) http://www.youtube.com/kinggeorgesvideos
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