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  1. Hello, I have been out for a long time and I have returned some days ago. I´m trying to download this beautiful new Zoq Lambos but I can´t do it, so I would like to ask if someone could send me those cars or tell me where I can download it. Thank you so much
  2. Hey Milli, I have found a problem. When you are in a hosue and you try to sell a car, the game crash!!
  3. Man I understand you, but if there are people ho "fix" mod is his problem. In my opinion if every modder left to put his work in here or in his webstite, they win. Is simple. I don´t know what they want with fixing or re-editing mod. But we are left them to kill this comunnity and this game because nobody want to post a mod. I don´t know how to make a mod but I really like this game. And Is a f*cking lalalala looking how many moders are leaving this. I understand you and of course I understand the other modders but I think that in this case the solutions is worst than the problem. There are m
  4. It´s a very sadly new! I was waiting your awesome Ferrari 488 GTB, but I understand you. I hope you could change the opinion but I respect your decission. Respect man
  5. Thanks for the tuto!!!! nicely!! I have understand everything
  6. Hello Milli!! First at all I want to say that your patch is awesome. Good job!!!! Second at all I want to ask you if you could make a tutorial about how put a car in a custom dealer shop. I explain it better. I buy a Nissan skyline gtr r34 and when I go to de custom dealer shop I can choice the gtr r34 mine´s edition. how do you make this?? Thanks for everything
  7. The pictures are invredibles. it´s very sad you decided to leave us. The worst thing of this is all of us who love this game, who want to keep this game alive are losing.Another modder who leave it. I understand it is a dificult situation and i respect all of you because I don´t know how to make a mod so it its difficult and for making a mod you have to invert too much time. Anyway, I hope in your facebook comunity or in your new comunity you will be happy and you will get and have all you desire. Thanks for everything man.Good luck. Respect
  8. I would like the ferrari f12 berlinetta. The pics he put when he madre it was awesome. Thaks for everything man
  9. WOW man!!! the 300S is incredible. Great job man. And I want to ask you one little thing. I don´t know how to make a mod and I don´t know how it works and maybe my question will be a little stupid but I would like to know it. The question is: It would be possible to make work the led lights in the wheel of the Ferrari 599 GTO?? Thanks for your attention man
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