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  1. alonso10_1

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    WOW man!! This patch looks awesome. Thanks for your efford and your work
  2. Hi man!! Where can we download the Porsche 911 E?? Thanks
  3. alonso10_1

    Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 By Pator5

    Very nice car man!! Thanks for your work
  4. alonso10_1

    Rassva's Attempt at taking Photos.

    WOWWWW!!!! Awesome Aventador SV!!! This mod would be public??
  5. Ohhh I respect your decision but i really would like to have your reventon roadster. Anyway thanks for your work and thanks for your efford.
  6. Are you going to realise the Reventon Roadster???:drool::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  7. Hey guys!! Has someone this mod?? Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 Convertible [email protected]
  8. alonso10_1

    Rassva's Attempt at taking Photos.

    WOW!!!! Very beautiful pics!!!
  9. Hei guys!! Some one has this mods?? Kamil 1945: Alfa Romeo Brera Kamil 1945: Maserati GranTurismo GT Kamil 1945: Volkswagen Scirocco Kamil 1945: Ford Mustang GT 2010 and this one Takumi/Domenik: Mazda MX-5 Thanks!!!
  10. alonso10_1

    Jonez's Pictures (Track Toys)

    Hey men, nice pictures!!!!! Could you send me the Ferrari FF Rims?? Thanks men!!
  11. Ok men ejejej don´t worry. Thanks for everything
  12. Good job men!!!! In the second tuto I have a question: The question is: When I put: CameraTool copy-all-sets -c "cameras.bin" -o "new cameras.bin" -s sourceCameraIdentifier -t newCameraIndentifier the TDUF siad that -c is not a valid option. Which is the -c?? Thanks!!
  13. Someone has this car?? Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '77 [email protected]=- The link is dead. So someone could send me the files?? Thanks