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  1. I get my models from gamemodels.ru so everything is on pause until further noticedd.....here is a car I have worked on in the mean time until we get models back n all
  2. Hello, do you accept request to convert a mod? What would the price be?

  3. I do enjoy the game as I work so I did this little video after finishing most of the updates on the NSX-R ....easy to notice exhaust texture now though...no big wing version and more to come also the s2000 will be in a new model so I am starting it from scratch to give you guys better quality
  4. ITS BEEN YEARS!!! But we are excited that a new tdu might bring us all together to a island to cruise/drift/drag and have fun! with that said.....after years of being away I am updating all my mods I can find and will bring in new ones as well WHEEL POSITION FIXED ON NSX ROCKET BUNNY!! S2K Don't have polygon coming out of fender on the right no more...plus looking to update textures now that I am in 4k! EG6 is just getting ready a long with the ek9 so that i can start fixing the issues then entering the different body kits and lips ect... Cars will be released here as a normal replacement for the vehicle on tdu platinum already.....if is not in platinum I will release it like old times and you can replace what you feel like...
  5. Hey so at first on the first day my t150 worked but for some reason is not letting me map the wheel.... I use a logitech shifter with an adapter and thats working good but not the wheel....I have them work perfect on every other game...any idea why this is? @Milli
  6. Tenso its me leo, i need talk to you man! 

  7. We back ON! Glad to see you released this, is being downloaded so id provide my feedback after
  8. @NismoFanboy77 you need zmodeler to convert cars to tdu but you might also need 3ds max to do mapping to the interior
  9. Consider using Mega for your upload or at least as a mirror link since the internet can go off and the download will continue from where it stopped. I say this because of the size the file will have thats all...cheers looking good so far
  10. @Ahmed_A7 the pack is not ready yet and is a she not a bro lol
  11. Well I am glad to say that I am over all that model stealing stuff....if anyone wants to do that to my models it wont be correct but i wont stop releasing mods cause of this. so expect alot of my mods in this new upcoming pack being made by milli!
  12. No you can make the offline account your online one, you need to create a new one..after you buy your house and finished first race ect you follow this tutorial.... TDU Mods : Offline Online Profile Conversions [Tutorials] | turboduck forum I did it for my two accounts which are xtensoJDM and flakoJDM
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