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  1. Tenso its me leo, i need talk to you man! 

  2. We back ON! Glad to see you released this, is being downloaded so id provide my feedback after
  3. hey, still waiting on this project milli....Don't stop
  4. @NismoFanboy77 you need zmodeler to convert cars to tdu but you might also need 3ds max to do mapping to the interior
  5. Consider using Mega for your upload or at least as a mirror link since the internet can go off and the download will continue from where it stopped. I say this because of the size the file will have thats all...cheers looking good so far
  6. [ATTACH]30244[/ATTACH] I want to go back to modding and release the final mods I have showcased reguardless of all the mod stealing thats been going on....BUT I am stuck with a laptop that just by looking at the image above you will see it sucks.....I am surprise I can play tdu on it. maybe in a month or two I will get my desktop sent to where I am staying but I show this so that the people I play with can see it and notice why I might leave some games n why I dont get to finish some mods like I would normally do. thank you
  7. @Ahmed_A7 the pack is not ready yet and is a she not a bro lol
  8. Well I am glad to say that I am over all that model stealing stuff....if anyone wants to do that to my models it wont be correct but i wont stop releasing mods cause of this. so expect alot of my mods in this new upcoming pack being made by milli!
  9. No you can make the offline account your online one, you need to create a new one..after you buy your house and finished first race ect you follow this tutorial.... TDU Mods : Offline Online Profile Conversions [Tutorials] | turboduck forum I did it for my two accounts which are xtensoJDM and flakoJDM
  10. That problem is not the rim but the car model...the brakes are not deep enough that it wont interfere with the rim.
  11. The lights pop up for the nsx is actually for her pack so if you could help with that...it would be great...
  12. Glad you did come back to modding, welcome back :yayyay:
  13. Juicy is in the building lol I will convert and upload withing the next hour I got some others ready too like bbs rm, vorsteiners, rotiforms ect
  14. If it was because of money....we wouldnt be getting plenty of HIGH QUALITY mods and yeah I did thank sourkho because I was locked up for 3 and a half months and came back clearly not remembering where to even start and he showed me the basics I needed again because I did not want to bother [email protected] but I am sure he would of helped me plenty because the first videos before his tutorial were made for me back when I was in high school and I still stopped back then until last year when I saw online works again okay? and yeah I did said the best quality modders left because we were the ones left here with actual quality and not stealing......the other only modder with the top quality like us is driver-tdu which I give my respect to also and hey doesnt he take weeks with mods? but nah is only me right? lol if you want some of my mods you see here is as simple as a PM and it will be sent to you buddy there you can test the quality look I had to start the m4 over from scratch and I started at 11 PM and the next day at 1 p.m a.m after I woke up at 11 a.m I had the complete stock version done... is a mix of me wanting to mod the car, liking the car and also if the people I get along with want it...like the 370z Amuse I finished in 2-3 days with custom parts made from scratch like the exhaust...rims....KIT?.....lol thats why I put myself with the top modders and I am not picking on my modding friends that dont do doors but all my mods now got working doors with proper door panels also buddy. here u can get some pics..PS:THEY CALL ME FLAKO;) --- Post Updated --- Now the ek9 how is finished also 100% .....Even spoon brakes? and you question if I got quality? I don't miss a detail my friend --- Post Updated --- Ahh and let me tell you the parts you see on it like fog lights...decals dont come with the model just because the model is from Assetto Corsa lol I ask people I know from various communities of 3d modeling for this parts because thats why it all started....ASKING PERMISSION like look have u seen a spoon s2000? or Wide body s2000? or a Sileighty in game? NO? how I know this answer? magic? well look some more magic that happened with the magical question every modder using someone else's work should know...."Can you let me use that for my model I am converting to tdu? I will give proper credit for it" and LOOK bro just look what I have in my folders NEW LBW M4 KIT? Can you unlock gta v models and steal? NO then how I got it? oh I just explained right? --- Post Updated --- Wait I said spoon s2000? really? --- Post Updated --- Wait I said scratch made wide body kit for s2000 also? nah im bugging...YES with this I end the argument I am tired of model stealers thinking they the best when they cant even do something that wasnt done back when tdu forums was open without stealing from gta sa or assetto corsa just because they know how to open the models...its more things that come with it when u properly ask anyway...dont believe me? look
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