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  1. i replaced impreza 2004 for spyker c8 laviolette, but the car no appear...
  2. It is original, the only thing not original is the car, the name (i think) and physics is default.
  3. I did MappingTool fix-missing --mapFile"D:\Jogos\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicules\RX8_Cpe.bnk" and the same thing to RX8_Cpe_I.bnk and RX8_Cpe_F_01.bnk and appears the vehicule replaced for facel vega and default rims.... I did something wrong or i need to do other thing? Appears this(WTF???):
  4. JPTH

    PHT Workshop

    you plain in the future convert more JDM cars?
  5. No, my brother use NOS internet and i catch the point to get that internet, he give me the email and pass to acess the internet.
  6. Its possible fix the speedmeter indicator In 0-100 MPH/0-160 km/H? I can only fix on top speed....
  7. I mean, i got my almost favourite cars on tdu and its not possible add more for now.
  8. When possible to add new cars on TDU I'm sure I'll add this camaro and mustang boss! Good job!
  9. A question: When add new engine type on TDUMT, i need update a cardata file on TDUPE or update automatically?
  10. Ohh i didnt repair that thread.., thank you for warning me :)
  11. I make this performace pack especially for this car, because everybody who have this car knows when the car is tuned he didn't reach +/-230 KM/H or 143 MPH Features: Added performance pack 1, 2, 3; Increase acelaration and top speed Against: Install manually (but it must be so..) Warning: Make a backup before install it. Link: Honda Civic Type R Performance Packs 1,2,3 Install: 1- Open TDUMT and click on Patches; 2- Open the patch file; 3- If you have replace the honda for audi A3 DSG do generate and run the patch If you replace for another car open database on TDUMT go to section carphysicsdata, search the ref and brand the car you replaced, copy and replace for existing one on last instruction.
  12. What's this(on red) and what change on game? [ATTACH]22099[/ATTACH]
  13. yeah bnk1.map, i want see what i can do on these file, enable accept new files and change race class, since i no have motocycles on my tdu... --- Post Updated --- i know what it is the old version it is TDUMT 1.12.0 with map tool, if you want i send you PM with link
  14. i want open bnk1 file but i dont know the program to open it, somebody can tell me how open it?
  15. you can make the LHD version with litle spoiler?
  16. To create a new name, open TDUMT, click on patches, ads an instruction, then you select update resource, in resourcefilename you put carphysics data, in resource values put(for example): 00000001|LaFerrari
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