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Found 9 results

  1. Version 1.13.1


    TDUF package is a set of tools and libraries, which is able to: Check Bnk1.map contents and update it with new files in Euro/Bnk folder. Extract the whole TDU Database to JSON files (a human-readable format, ready to be processed by many tools and languages, including Javascript). Rewrite the whole TDU Database from modified JSON files Check and repair Database for integrity errors Help to understand file formats and read/write data from/to them Provide a Database Editor user interface, which wide range of features (not limited to TDUMT/TDUPE ones) and more to come! Requirements: Java 8 Runtime Environment: Java SE Runtime Environment 8 - Downloads If using TDUF 1.12.0 with Java 9 or 10, a tweak is necessary to make TDUF work properly: extract attached hotfix ( TDUF-1.12.0-HOTFIX-JAVA-9-10.zip) to tduf/tools/cli directory (replace existing files) If using TDUF 1.12 with 32bit version of Windows, extract attached hotfix ( DatabaseEditor-1.12.0-HOTFIX-32bit.zip) to tduf/tools/cli directory (replace existing files) TDUF 1.13.0 won't support Windows 32bit TDUMT must work normally TDU installed (some modified editions are not supported). How to install: Uninstall any Java Runtime prior to 8 Install Java Runtime 8 Extract provided archive contents to any directory of your choice How to run: In a nutshell, just launch TDUF-cli.cmd or TDUF-database-gui.cmd scripts from Windows Explorer You may need to create a desktop shortcut to those scripts See README.html file for the rest HELP AND TUTORIALS Support thread: Tools reference · djey47/tdu-cp Wiki · GitHub Q&A Please refer to TDUCP WIKI: Modding FAQ · djey47/tdu-cp Wiki · GitHub OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT Github hosting : djey47/tduf DONATE To help me with this project, or to buy me a beer Give a cent (or more) via PayPal ATTACHMENTS TDUF-1.12.0-HOTFIX-JAVA-9-10.zip DatabaseEditor-1.12.0-HOTFIX-32bit.zip
  2. Guys, does anyone know what the bnk file is for the F430 Scuderia with no stripe? for the scuderia it's F430_Scu
  3. View File TDUModdingTools - First-gen tools ! No need to introduce them, they have been around here for so long Support and more info thread: Submitter Djey Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Tools  
  4. Version 1.16.3


    No need to introduce them, they have been around here for so long Support and more info thread:
  5. Hi all. I have just unpacked TDU2 and before unpack i dont have see the bnk files. After unpack, same problem. I dont know what to do. I want to install a car mod and it was downloaded from this site. The car is a mod for GTi6, the same car, but it was modified. Anyone know how to fix it? :crying:
  6. Hi guys, i want to get the BMW M3 E36 into TDU2 and instead of begging others to do it for me i decided to do it myself, i unpacked the Lotus Espirit s3 .bnk (as this is the car i intend to replace) file and i imported the esprit_s3.3dg into zmodeller but this is what i got: now my question is that i have to imprt my 3d model into this file? or what to do? i tried to open up the E30 M3 to get an idea how the thing works bat it was locked :| thx in advance ps: i'm planning to use the e36 from shift or shift 2
  7. I want to change my subarus sound file to louden the turbo but I don't know how to extract it to hex edit it. Please help me guys! I managed.
  8. Hello, I am new Tdu's modding, and i want to learn how i use that tools to make my own edits on cars,cloches etc. So first of all i pick up a bnk file,i unpacked to 2db then i convert it to dds what i do next? how i edit dds files?
  9. Is it possible someone to send me this: 458_italia_i.bnk or alla f458's bnk files??? i really made a stupid mistake and lost it..thanks a lot! (Iask it beware of reinstallation)
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