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Found 33 results

  1. [ATTACH]20859[/ATTACH] (in game name "Michal003rz") I working on new physics to TDU2 Here is new 1.05 version Features: Braking can block wheels More powerful handbrake Some optimization of traction control Edited ForceFeedback Edited aerodynamics Good for drifting Realistic understeer New motorbike physics and handling Important: Hardcore setup is now really hardcore and it's good for drifting with 4wd cars (e.g. Bugatti Veyron) Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times Full assistance is for normal cruise around city and it can also be used for perfect lap times easily It works online and also with Unofficial patch. Example of wheel/gamepad settings (If you have gamepad turn sensivity more to RIGHT) [ATTACH]20901[/ATTACH] I was originally inspired by Veno physics mod and thanks to him I could understand how it works. Used modifications: Unofficial patch 0.4 Tested on Logitech G27 I still working on Clutch/Brake linearity and car suspension. Now I work on version for normal (slow) driving with smooth brakes and steering. I'll release it soon. Video: Sorry for my bad English :para: Instalation: Copy downloaded file to TDU2 main folder and overwrite original Physics.cpr file You also need different laucher e.g. Knyazev Universal launcher Download link: Version 0.81 (19/07/2014)https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7NJ-ZmfDxFvR1RHTkZVTjNmVk0/edit?usp=sharing Version 0.9 (21/07/2014) http://www.mediafire.com/download/xpt1dyq4qkdczmd/Physics.cpr Changelog: Version 1.0 (03/12/2014) https://www.mediafire.com/?y30iw52rlx189k1 Changelog: Version 1.05 (20/12/2014) http://www.mediafire.com/?mnmmdq6qvutm7 Changelog: [ATTACH]20860[/ATTACH]
  2. View File TDUPE - Easiest way to fine tune vehicle physics! - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - A great tool by Dredgy, partially powered by TDUMT Libraries. Submitter Djey Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Tools  
  3. Version 2.77


    - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - A great tool by Dredgy, partially powered by TDUMT Libraries.
  4. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS Group N (LHD) Link to car: Released tatoscha: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS Group N | turboduck forum Replaces: TVR Sagaris Camera: Audi RS4 IK: Pontiac Solstice !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing Top speed: 400 km/h Physics download: TVR Sagaris
  5. Hello Guys! This is my first time upload or post in this forum, hope you guys like what im posting! "YOU WILL NEED TDU PE 2xx FOR THIS" Let me introduce you : [ATTACH]26582[/ATTACH] For BMW Lovers Of Course. What im doing is to get the physics as close as possible to reality, from engines to tires, handling and stuff ;) 1 Series To 7 Series :kiss: Lets see here: 7er 6er 5er - 1er Enjoy! Any feedback would be very appreciated :) Support me by subscribing to my channel! :D Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmH9jIS6lDP-0Pjpmf4kRBw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mo.dust/
  6. WELCOME TO MROZ3Q's PHYSICS' BANK My Physics' Features: Accurate 0-100 Km/h times Accurate Top speed Proper Wheel drive Accurate car statistics Realistic gear ratios 1st PHYSICS' PACK 1. Audi RS5 2. BMW M5 E39 3. Chevrolet Corvette Coupe ZR1 '93 4. Dodge Challenger SRT-8 '06 5. Dodge Charger SRT-8 6. Ferrari 599 GTO 7. Ferrari F50 8. Mazda MX-5 Miata '06 9. Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II 10. Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 Coupé Instruction: 1.Download Physic's file 2.Open TDUPE 3.Search for car (for example RUF RGT for Ferrari F50) and select "Load Car" 4.Go to the Tab "Perfomance Pack", then select "Export Current Car" for Back Up original physic's file. 5.Later go to the Tab "Perfomance Pack", then select "Import Perfomance Pack". 6.Check, if the physics have changed 7.Press Save Car and then select Save All Changes 8.Have Fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms of use: - You can`t upload this mod on any other site - You can`t modify my mod without my permission
  7. Recently a lot of people where asking me how far i am in progress of the TDU2 Hardcore Mod. So i decided to create a Thread where i will post my progress. Okay, Here we go! Description: Question: What is the H Mode? Answer: The Hardcore Mod i am working on is a physics/handling modification for expert Drivers and of course for those who wants to drift. Question: Why create one if there is already the driving aids "hardcore" option in the Game? Answer: Well the driving aids option "Hardcore" or "Ausgezeichnet" (how its called in German) is just the possibility to switch off the tractions control and is not challenging enough. Screenshots: Videos: Todo: -patch All Cars Physics (Progress) -patch a [H] in players names (Done) -switch off online races (Undetermined) -switch off offline races (Undetermined) -disable player vs player quick races (Undetermined) So there will be just the free roam driving left like it was in the first TDU. This project is total time consuming because every single cars physics behavior has to be edited. l am currently searching for people who wants to join the "H Mode creator Team" to help edit the physics for each individual car. Best would be those who know TDU1H mode and own a Racing wheel. (Racing Wheel is optional but at least Controller is a must have) And of course are real TDU series fans wich wants to spend spare time in fixing it. H Mode creator Team member will have acces to my H mode creator tool and Tutorials on how to do so. If u think u are the one i am searching for: -Apply here for the Team -Please introduce yourself -Did you played TDU1 ? -What is your Player Name? TDU1 and TDU2 -Do you have experience in building Drift setups? Current progress State is: Developting a H Mode creator Team tool (thank's to dOs) Current Team Member: -dOs -Jorgemodek -LordKalvaire -Trainfield -Veno -Xarlith Current HC Setups Tester: -Michi0412HH -Affentaeter -Cocojambo Car List: Dont wonder, there are some cars not available in the Game. but they are there, trust me. Here is the old Thread Link
  8. DOWNLOAD: CL65 AMG.zip Also improved AMG sounds included in the package. Originally made for Norby's release.
  9. [headline]Are Forza 5's physics​ better than Gran Turismo 6? 'Just do the math', says Turn 10[/headline] http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc452/daniel0251/daniel0251004/forza5copy_zpse95dbd72.png Forza Motorsport 5's physics engine "wouldn't have been possible with last generation hardware", Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt has claimed, telling VideoGamer.com to "just do the math" when asked whether Forza 5's physics will be more realistic than those of upcoming PS3 racer Gran Turismo 6. "The things we're doing on the Xbox One with Forza 5 physically just wouldn't have been possible with last-generation hardware," Greenawalt told us at Gamescom earlier today. "Partially because there wasn't enough power, but more importantly the approach. We have a completely new approach to how we're doing physics and a new partnership." Greenawalt explained that Turn 10 ditched its partnership with Pirelli for Forza 5 to team up with Calspan, a science and technology research company that tested huge numbers of tyres in order to provide in-depth analytics for Forza 5’s handling. "Calspan tested for weeks, and at the end of that they gave us millions of data points, and I have to admit, it was more than I was expecting," Greenawalt continued. "I was a little bit like, 'Oh, okay...'. So I worked with them on how we would reintegrate that into our game so we could have all of these isolated variables and reconstruct them in real time. So when I say that we're doing things in this game that could not have been done last generation, I really mean it's on two axes. "One, all these variables require power. We have power. The more important one is the approach. This approach, nobody is doing this. Not on the PC. Nowhere. Because you have to be, one, questioning your assumptions, and two, you have to be jumping into the deep end with partnerships, new approaches, and honestly throwing a lot of time and energy at it. To me it's a commitment to always be wrong. That's my favourite part of my job. I'm committed to always being wrong. So that means I'm always pursuing perfection and throwing things away. That's what made our entire physics so much better this time. But does that mean Forza 5 will boast a more impressive physics simulation than Gran Turismo 6? "Just do the math. Honestly," Greenawalt replied. "I don't know what their physics engine is. I know what mine is. What I know is my approach and the amount of power we have in the box allows us to do things that we certainly couldn't have done on the 360 and we didn't do on Forza Motorsport 4. "I'm not playing their physics, but I think it's one of those things where there is physics involved in just what we're doing." via Videogamer
  10. Hello,Im new here,and the tittle says all. Theres a way (hacks,trainers,softwares,cheats,codes..) to make the simulation physics of hardcore mode, available in carrer mode? I mean,maybe replace the arcade physics for that one,or an trainer,or cheat that changes it,and play carrer normally with then. Or maybe make races and missions available in Hardcore mode,would be nice too.. After hours of searching about it on google,no usefull results,so I hoping some good results here :) My point,im a offline player,and I finished the game last week. When I experienced the Hardcore mode,I really liked it,so much,everything is better,and it makes me dont wanna play with arcade physics anymore..but its a bit boring to play the game without the old and good races and missions. I dont really undestand why the game disables then on hardcore mode,since the AI can run perfectly there. The proof is,when you challenge someone in the free mode,AI can handle the race very well. The last question: Is it really possible,so far? :confused: If yes,how? what we should do? If no,can someone explain why? anyway to make it possible? Theres a bunch and all kind of awesome modifications for tdu,cant believe that nice modders cant do this so far! Please,its a must for me,and for lot of players,for sure! Thanks in advance! :)
  11. physics for the sound Preview : Test Drive Unlimited 2008 BMW 330D E92 sound physics - YouTube Sound : 2008 BMW 330D E92 diesel sound | turboduck forum
  12. this mod is for the Farboud physics. Can you find the right car here 1998 Toyota Top Secret 0-300 Supra - Toyota - Моды TDU - Каталог файлов - HF-GARAGE - Ñкачать моды Ð´Ð»Ñ Test Drive Unlimited 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4GCfiudf6c I hope you like my work. :)
  13. well this is my first mod ever and its not exactly complete it needs alot more work im releasing it early to see what people really like and hate about it so i can fix all the issues alot better . to start this physics mod is tested on a g25 wheel using the clutch so g25\g27 users will get a better feel . keybored users \xbox controller idk what to tell you cuz idk if it will work good . ok ok im not good on write ups so here we go !!! 1. wheelies - more real life style wheelies .bike now feels like it has a +5 rear sprocket (meaning when you clutch up your bike goes up very very quick ) 2.reverse wheelies (stopie)- i made it more sensitive so now when you lean fwd and break the bike comes up sorta more realistic but this needs the most work 3.launching - ever noticed when you launch your bike in tdu theres no wheel spin??? like what the hell is that about !!!! lol there is now and it really feels like your launching a liter bike now . 3.burnouts - very very buggy iv noticed hitting the break and gas after the wheel spins starts you go flying into the air . this will be fixed very soon you still have to lean back to wheelie i cant get the bike to go up by itself iv tried almost everything spent 4 hours to just learn its not possible ahah. i reeally hope you guys try this out and give me some feedback ! this is a wip no where near done and to be honest i really dont no what im doing so go easy on me ahahahahha !!!! im gonna make a video real quick i have to download that program thingy lol but heres the file for now !!!!!! oh and make a BACKUP of your old files !!!!!!
  14. So, Hey guys. This would be my First post here on the Forum. Which I have to say, I love :D These physics are for the Nissan GT-R. I have been working on them for around 1 week, Trying to perfect the Handling. I've pretty much got the Speed and Braking finished. The aim of this mod is to get the GT-R to drive as Realistic as possible. 0-60 Real Life - 2.9 seconds 60-0 Real Life - 101 feet 0-60 Ingame - 3.1 seconds 60-0 Ingame - 103 feet. So yeah, This would be a V1 release and I will be updating it in the future. I will also do a SpecV version of these physics. But in my opinion, There isn't much difference between the two cars ;) The Cameras used in these Physics are for Tool831's Nissan GT-R: Released Tool831: Nissan GT-R Spec V Nissan GT-R V1.2 The sound I use for the GT-R is Fifomaniacs Shift conversion which can be found here: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/15122-fifomaniak-Nissan-R35-GT-R-SpecV-Infiniti-G35-Sound?p=258115#post258115 Also, The car will be moved to the Japanese Import Dealership which is Located near the Volkswagen Dealership. Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/57567856/Releases/tdu/NISSAN%20GT-RV1%20.tdupk Installation: Download the .tdupk file, open TduPE and choose the car you desire, Click on the performance pack menu, click on 'Import performance pack', Find the downloaded file, Press open, the press save car after import has finished.
  15. in fact, mph are kmh for this game, that's why I've made these physics Previews : Test Drive Unlimited REALISTIC SPEED PHYSICS Audi A8L 6 0 W12 - YouTube Test Drive Unlimited REALISTIC SPEED PHYSICS Audi A6 4 2 V8 - YouTube TDU Performance Editor 2.75 : TDU PE 2.75 (ðóñ) - Ôàéëû - ïàò÷, äåìî, demo, ìîäû, äîïîëíåíèå, ðóñèôèêàòîð, ñêà÷àòü áåñïëàòíî
  16. TDU1 : Extreme Off-Road 4x4 Physics Modding - YouTube I don't have just this car for off-roading, it has very stiff / rigid steering, but is designed just for off-road (too bad that the map is not great enough for off-road, but you can take a winter map mod, and maybe there are also good enough map mods for off-roading) if not, try those off-roading games B-) Full Drive 2: Hummer - YouTube
  17. deleted
  18. deleted
  19. Hi!!! this is the physics MOD for the sound MOD who has the same name ;) (made with a owner 330D and this is good for him) tell me if you want ALL my settings for have exactly the same car than me :cool:
  20. Hello everyone! I have a problem! I want to install physics for some car , but TDU PE tool don't work ! I have framework error... Is there any other way to install it ? I have TDU Mooding tools , which works great. My TDU is 1.66a , Polish Version.
  21. hello i'm new and i dont know if my tread is right here anyway..i have a problem i have one file .tdupk and i dont know how to install it in the game..how can i and which programa i must download Sorry for my bad english i'm from Greece, Thanks you :)
  22. 2011 BMW M3 GTS G-Power physics by: my (elik) [ATTACH]18271[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18272[/ATTACH] Tell me if there are mistakes, I will correct ;) http://narod.ru/disk/64339031001.48ca131e7fd4c1be73f2b2de2406bcbf/BMW%20M3%20GTS%20G-Power.tdupk.html
  23. 1995 RUF CTR2 Sport physics Author: elnur(elik) and jose http://narod.ru/disk/62872449001.422ed06fdb1f7d8d679753a769cf4518/1995%20RUF%20CTR2%20Sport%20physics.zip.html
  24. Some professor who helped work on Forza talks about some of the more technical challenges of making accurate car physics. Worth a watch if you can stand the James Mayishness http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/ch9/4/7/8/4/1/3/Beckman_GamePhysics.wmv
  25. Hello everyone, I've recently returned to the TDU:c forums and I've noticed that a few brake and camera mods have been released. But I've started this thread primarily to ask if, are there any mods that somewhat 'restore' the handling and physics to that of TDU 1 (or better), and how. I was a huge fan of TDU 1, I spent countless hours cruising around in my modded cars and was very pleased when they announced the sequel. However, I heard so much criticism about TDU 2's handling and physics system when it released that I refrained from buying it, as all the cool new features would make no difference if the driving was not enjoyable, and I'm sure I was not alone in thinking this. I thought this thread may also serve as a way of publicising and reviewing existing physics mods that have been released and comparing their effects to TDU 1 (which in my mind had a near perfect handling and physics system for cruising) in order to inform others of the progress that is being made in solving the issues. Cheers P.S: Having not been on the forum's in a while I'm somewhat out of the loop, so if I've missed the release of a huge official handling-fixing patch then I'm sorry and feel free to give me abuse :P haha!
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