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  1. you are satrun curve fanboy?
  2. happy to see the topic is back :duck: (that was a black sunday it seems :)) yep it was dragonforce, so about the 612 Ferrari she is like 40 secondes faster on the race "le grand défi" (60kmtime-attack in strong traffic) than the Jaguar XKR-S ! (tested several times to see diférences) in same C category it's like the différence between a normal 170 hp saturn sky, and a 230 hp saturn curve in a race, a time attack, or a ride :nods:
  3. sure ozzcom, and it seems there are (only) 26 millions people in the world whose suscribe to PSplus (after 4 years the PS4 out) ! that's not a big population but it will pay like more 260 millions $ per year for Sony ... just before the release of gran turismo, online increase in september :para: gran turismo released in october
  4. same in france... "Jusqu'ici à 49,99 euros, la souscription annuelle va passer à 59,99 euros, un prix identique à celui de l'offre équivalente proposée par son concurrent Microsoft, le XBox Live Gold. L'abonnement trimestriel va augmenter de 19,99 à 24,99 euros, tandis que l'abonnement mensuel prendra un euro, passant de 6,99 à 7,99 euros. " http://www.lepoint.fr/jeux-video/playstation-plus-jouer-en-ligne-va-couter-plus-cher-28-07-2017-2146591_485.php new from 28/07/17 at 19h30 so for a year england people will pay 49£99 = 55,50euros french people with 59,99euros will pay like 4 euros more per year comparse to united kingdom peoples !
  5. yep but we need a better game, not a game with only the thinks and choices of milli ! (so nobody can talk to her, she's closed like a moule :)) some mods are good or less quality, but the game is better at all and for all :duck:
  6. [ATTACH]29574[/ATTACH] saturn curve is a wood/leather special model whose never sold, its an very original concept car by a designer with a powerfull special engine 250 hp, later the saturn sky was sold with a simple 170 hp engine, so the Curve is +60 hp powerfulled, and very nice comparse to the sky garbage like you told ! :nods: so i will test on 30km the différences between a V12 of a 612 and other in same classes, but its sure the 612 is very better than other C too, like the Curve in his category :duck: plus : 612 is the only one 4 seats Ferrari V12 since 456 GT that she's remplacing in the history of Ferrari :cool:
  7. 612 was the best to ride with the 575, for equality and to be cool on roads + sound of 612 was very good, so we can't comparse a B-2010 ferrari with a C-2007 ferrari, that's not the same category and same cars, 612 is not a sport car and was 1 of the only 4 seats Ferrari's producted = a legend So i have never spoke about the focus or the 458, I spoked about 612 and Curve whose i saw frequently on the roads, but we have many cars that I never saw nobody with it ! And there are many cars like alfa 4c or good mercedes those not in the game, Finally we lost the only one 4 seats V12 Ferrari, and one of the bests F category (and the most lovely interior car) with the concept car Curve :nods: Edit = 612 vs 575 = 2x V12 in same C category = good ride (+F355 in C too, good balance for game) 430 vs 458 vs other B Ferrari = the 458 is really superior of others = no good ride And in the example of focus, she is really superior of other F, it more near a E category
  8. yeah for sure it remplaced ! but why putting poor cars to remplace goods ? why delete goods models like 612 ferrari or saturn curve to put cars whose nobody never drive ?
  9. best models are AMG C63 W204 and W205 ! + the W204 2012 pack with the brabus, hope you put in the pack so the SL500 is really not beautifull, really poor model about corvettes C6, lambo murcielago, skyline R34, audi RS4, ferrari 575 M, the originals edengames models are really better :nods:
  10. This noise sound amazin :drool: Still never been released at all ?
  11. I put the sound for the F430/spider and it simply perfect :drool: You had recover the F430 in my heart with this sound, it's very pleasant to ride with it :duck:
  12. a meet on streets, [ATTACH]29572[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29572[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29573[/ATTACH] have fun !! :duck:
  13. yeah GTS have 5 spokes wheels, but I prefer with original RT/10 wheels with red color, so this car have a 1996 GTS 1st body ; i drove it 300 km last 2 days and it's really the hardest car to drive, handling is fabulous, really near reality :clap:
  14. whaou C63 + brabus + other :eek: they look great :cool:
  15. Yeah what an amazin car ! Seriously it's 1 of my favourite with the XKR-S Jaguar, their sounds and drives are really amazin, so good :drool: (and models are beautifull)
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