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  1. I haven't been here in a while... Any progress from the fastest and most difficult bots??
  2. Hey @Milli I was enjoying this wonderful game and witnessed a curious fact!!!! Lately they have been spawning, police vehicles, but just like a common traffic car. And when I hit them, they change color... So I wanted to know, about the police spawn as common traffic, is this a bug or was it intentional??
  4. Milli made a fix for this problem, when you click to download the UCP, it will be on the same drive and it's called bike_bot_fix.zip
  5. Part of it would be cool if they took the race restrictions. Even if the bots meet the original requirements, it would be nice to run on Hawaii Boulevard track or Asphalt King with a car class A or B...
  6. There are people who do not like to wait, look, we have passed the letter P, more than half the alphabet. Now it may be very likely that TDUP will release until the end of 2019. (just my speculation)... @Milli take the time you need, do not rush, do as Rockstar, takes years to launch a game and when it launches, are masterpieces. I believe that the TDUP will be a masterpiece...
  7. I did not know these variants of cars were on the list, now I understand everything.
  8. @Milli While the TDU Platinum does not arrive, I was pioneering the UCP and wanted to know... Are 480 vehicles really?? because it was able to buy all the cars and got 445 cars + 10 custom cars. The game appears to have 455 cars, are missing the supposed 25 cars, are there cars obtained via tuning after via tuning??
  9. I also could not edit, says "the cell is not a resource".
  10. I loved this information!! making the accounts, with all the houses of the game, a total of 446 cars fit. Now we can have all the cars, just have 2 save games... one with all the cars in the dealerships and the other with all the cars accessible via tuning. :cool::cool:
  11. @Milli the rewards cars like Alfa Romeo 8C, Chrysler ME Four Twelve, Volkswagen W12 etc, is there any way to make sure they can be purchased more than once?? If so, will TDUP have it??
  12. Do not worry, I'll do this separately, just the sun going up and down the same line...
  13. Good... In my case, at least I'll be able to configure the sun to stay in a position only...
  14. @Milli I have a complex question about TDUP... I've seen that the game will come with your Weather Mod, what I wanted to know is if: Will the sun always rise and fall in the same direction, or will it rise for example in the east and fall in the west?? For the shadows of the trees and buildings are always in one direction, and the sun opposite the shadows is a little strange...
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