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  1. I can confirm this. Just experienced it today and replicated what is described here 1:1. Though, I closed the game through task manager, rebooted and the race was still counted as completed so at least driving over the finish line registers it so once done, you won't ever have to do it again.
  2. I see. Only the thing is that I have tried everything I can think of. First I tried simply deleting the gap but that did not help. Then I zoomed in to the beginning and to the ending of the track and tried to match the phases so it would complete the wave but that didn't work either. Finally I added fade in to the beginning and fade out to the ending but still loud and clear cracking, popping and clicking. I'm starting to think there is something else to it. Ah also, I also pitched down the "offmid" and "offhigh" sounds but they loop perfectly. P.S. I have successfully created loops of car sounds for a game called Rigs of Rods in the past so I would expect myself to have some idea about what I'm doing. Update: This really gets on my nerves so I examined the files and discovered this: [ATTACH]28959[/ATTACH] When rendering, both in Audacity and Sony Vegas, the program for some reason adds a segment of the beginning of the track to the end of the track and that is where the "pop" is coming from. As you can see in the picture, the top channel is what I ordered to be rendered and the bottom one is the rendered file. As to WHY it is happening, I am not sure but it might have to do with some source and render settings conflicting with each other.
  3. I had this thing too when opening the vanilla file, BOTH in Audacity and Sony Vegas. Weird thing is that if I don't touch the gap in audacity, it renders silent but in Sony Vegas, it leaves a nasty high-pitch static. My problem is that whatever I do, it always leaves a very loud pop/click/crack sound at the looping point of every sound I edit. And I'm even not introducing any new sounds, I only wanted to pitch down the vanilla SLK mid and high sounds because they are pitched too high and do not match with the lower rev band. If anybody has had this problem and successfully overcome this, then perhaps you could share your tips. Maybe it is connected to the "gap" somehow?
  4. Okay so as much as I understand Russian, Akella was the distributor of TDU in Russia. The website also seems to confirm it and it even seems legit. Only problem is that when you click "Order Disk", it directs you to a website cdgames.ru, which appears to be out of business as the website is for sale. Well at least now we know that this packaging appears to be the real deal, should it show up somewhere. It did however catch my attention that it said that the game in that case is also in Russian but that should be fixable afterwards, right?
  5. Okay thanks! I will be keeping an eye on what is offered then. But yes, should anybody who actually owns a physical copy of the Gold Edition see this thread, it would be greatly appreciated if you could verify this information regarding packaging. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the replies! So what understand from what Diablo said, the special editions should have some kind of a distinguishable marking on the packaging? I also saw both of those pictures when I was looking on Ebay yesterday, in fact if I'm not mistaken, the steelbox edition had the same Gallardo and Ford GT picture on it. Maybe it really only is the steel box that makes that one special. I also saw that factory sealed game on sale, I have to say I was tempted but then again I would like have the DLC as well. If it has some kind of a special packaging, I can just wait. Something has to turn up some time, am I right? But if it just is a German or Russian version that I need, then I sure found some German versions on sale.
  7. Hello! I am turning towards all the people who are well acquainted with TDU and know about it's different versions. The question itself if rather simple: I am planning to buy a physical copy of TDU, new or used (if in good condition), but I would definitely like to get the version that has the DLC (megapack) included. (For PC) From what I've read, there should be a "Gold Edition" DVD release, which has the megapack and Xbox cars included but Googling around and looking at Amazon/Ebay offers, I seem to be unable to determine which one it is (if it even is there). I have seen 3-4 different cover arts for the DVD as well as a Steelbook Edition but none have Gold Edition or anything similar written on them. So my question is: Does anyone perhaps happen to know how to distinguish the right version or what I should be looking for? I would be very grateful for any tips since the DLC is now unobtainable digitally and I would really like to have it, it is probably my favorite car game after all. Thank you in advance (EDIT: Just as a sidenote, I did read the forums as well before posting but all I could find were threads about buying the DLC online. Sadly, all those links are obsolete by now.)
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