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  1. Rigel

    My modding gallery

    Images of my released/upcoming car mods
  2. Hi. The top speed aspect was explained in FAQ that's in the very first post of this thread. Please read that first.
  3. Come see us in the TDUCK Discord
    Sounds pretty good, although it would be nice to have a variation of the "stock" sounds with the supercharger whine.
  4. Unfortunately the online races don't work in the current servers as those aren't getting updates anymore. It may or may not be possible to add more races in single player though.
  5. Buy cars and take them to the tuning shops, you will be able to put body kits or get special versions of them.
  6. Rigel


    The original plan for Platinum was to release a final version with all the cars reworked and others added to the game, but Milli suddenly decided to release her current progress for whatever reason lol My cars will be in that "final" version, and there will be no other updates for Platinum until then. About my own progress - haven't got to do effectively anything for about a month, but once I get some time to spare I'll get back to it. I have way too much on my to do list.
  7. Rigel


    This and the other cars I've got in the gallery will either be publicly released once ready or be included in the next Platinum update as an exclusive.
  8. At the moment those cars aren't included in the pack. You will need to install the same mods with your friends for everyone to see the same cars. As for the cars themselves, they may be included in the next update, but I can't say for sure.
  9. There are lots of graphics mods out there for that sort of thing. Maybe there will be something done about it, I don't know.
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