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    This and the other cars I've got in the gallery will either be publicly released once ready or be included in the next Platinum update as an exclusive.
  2. At the moment those cars aren't included in the pack. You will need to install the same mods with your friends for everyone to see the same cars. As for the cars themselves, they may be included in the next update, but I can't say for sure.
  3. There are lots of graphics mods out there for that sort of thing. Maybe there will be something done about it, I don't know.
  4. Rigel

    My modding gallery

    Images of my released/upcoming car mods
  5. d3d9_43.dll isn't necessary for the game to work, but d3d9.dll is, and it comes packed with Platinum package. Don't download it from elsewhere, just follow my previous instructions, and if it doesn't work go tduckking in the forums (get it, googling but on TDuck).
  6. Hi, make sure to run the game via the Project Paradise launcher and check the big bnk box. Don't delete d3d9.dll.
  7. I always welcome anyone trying to work on mods and what not, so if there's anyone that wants to start but doesn't know how and what to do, I'm always down to help. However, to be able to "fix" mods takes about the same knowledge as making them from scratch, it's just less time consuming. On the other hand, TDuck discord exists, it's very active and has the people to answer virtually any question about modding. So I think it's more that people aren't very interested in doing something on their own (not to sound rude or anything).
  8. I would like the idea if we had a bigger group of people making improvements, cause then it would have made sense to make some sort of a spreadsheet of things needed to be done, and assign those things to different people and have it all a bit more coordinated. In the current situation tho, I'm not sure if that's really worth it.
  9. Trust me, as a person that's trying to help her with it, I can confirm that it's very time consuming. Even on my own mods I didn't get the dials to work correctly. I will update them sometime with new fixes and what not but doing it for each and every single car with that problem on top of what's already planned would be tough. I would suggest trying it out yourself. If there were more people helping her maybe we could get it done.
  10. That's the thing, they're linked to the zip, so when you extract the zip it also goes over those 2 on its own.
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