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  1. First, the contest is over. Whenever we decide to organize another one - we'll make another thread. And what's more important - I wrote in the second rule, that any screenshots that were shown in the forum, this thread or TDuck Discord will be disqualified. Take your time to read the rules next time, okay?
  2. So, the first SS contest is over and the winner is @TDU Iceman! Congratulations bro! Thanks to @fhqwhgads, @Redwave121, @CastleDandelion and 神風 __ 忍者 for participating!
  3. Hello friends, I'm announcing the voting for the screenshot contest! Go through this link and vote for the picture that you like. You can also take closer look at the pics here. Deadline: 4th of August Let the competition begin! P.S. my bad, mistyped the deadline "4th of October" instead of "August". Sorry about that.
  4. Hi fellows! I wanted to make an announcement yesterday but was a little bit busy. Anyways, I'm happy to announce that the screenshot contests are back! Here's the plan. I will announce the winner and the theme for the next contest in Mondays. You will have a week to prepare your best shots and send them to me via DM here or in Discord (find me in TDuck Discord server, Rigel#6747). On Monday I'll publish the pics here in gallery and make a poll, the voting will start, and will last one week. And again, on Monday I'll announce the winner and the theme for the next contest. Rules: 1) The sc
  5. I thought this thing is dead. Nice work man!
  6. Just opened the database to add my own stuff with TDUF and I be like.... How the hell were you doing in that mess lmfao? Great job and thanks once again cause I doubt anyone else would have the patience to do THAT. For other people: run TDUF, open the database and you'll get what I'm talking about (though I understand how it works more or less).
  7. The project itself doesn't have one, but there's TurboDuck Official Discord server though. https://discord.gg/FvF6FFv Anyway, if there is one dedicated the project, lemme know Bruh, I'm late.
  8. I got some bugs to report. I couldn't do a few car delivery missions (Carrera GT, Lancia 037) with a manual gearbox because the game didn't let me shift the gears. Also once a little glitch happened after an F class race, after finishing it I couldn't exit the race (got stuck on "you won" screen with no buttons working) and I got to kill the game with the task manager. I believe there were a few minor things too, I just don't remember now writing this comment. By the way, huge thanks for edited races, I love them. Some actually added a bit of challenge. Is there a way to increase the numb
  9. Hell, I can't believe this is finally complete. Thanks Milli once again! See ya online in Oahu I guess
  10. That's not the problem. Certain things happened in TDuck Discord server. I don't want to go too deep into details, but he most likely won't be back.
  11. He left the community so I don't think he's gonna finish up the work.
  12. Because online races in TDU don't work anymore. Though I didn't play while they were working, so idk. Besides you can hack your savegame and have a shit ton of money (which tbh I did to get the cars). In Forza you'll need to win races to make some money, right?
  13. I had that issue too actually. You can drive without hitting anything at all and it will randomly throw a little bit of damage. Some other cars had that issue too.
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