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  1. Thank you so much for the mod! Tried it out just recently and I found some weird happenings. - The Lamborghini Aventador at a car transport challenge near a Pagani dealer has a strange tachometer. On 3rd person view, the tachometer redline starts at 6000rpm, yet in the cockpit view the tachometer redline starts at 7500rpm. The car acceleration peaks somewhere close to 8000rpm so I think the latter tachometer is correct. -The speedometer on BMW M3 E46 behaves erratically. When the car runs at 200kmh, it points on 300kmh. When the car goes beyond 200kmh the speedometer went out of limit. - Found a red police car. Never found them in vanilla TDU. - Some patrol cars ignore my cars completely in a 1-star pursuit as I drive past them from behind. Also, can we do something about the invisible swimsuits?
  2. How would that weather mod impact performance? Also, can it be disabled once the Platinum mod is released?
  3. Whoa, Milli, I thought you were still on vacation. Take it easy, we're glad to wait for a masterpiece. By the way, will you make a credits page or at least any hints of where did you get all these car mods you're collecting for this project?
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