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  1. Amazing I turned on the spatial audio in windows settings and it worked i now have sound in all cars when looking back. BTW: is it intentional that mk3 Supra can be tuned to absolutely overpowered beast while still staying class F, its the tuning stage 3 for 95K it makes it beating even class A cars
  2. What could be the problem? It's just some cars like Evo IX, gt86, civic si, Mazda RX7 etc when using outside view it works fine, but in the cockpit view when I look back... suddenly no sound...I even tried to reainstall whole game, tdu+patch1.66+mega pack+platinum+patch and still nothing while for example RX7 has some crackly noise on the interior view Edit: Also I'm not using multiple prize cars but still see some cars for free
  3. Any fix for the cars having no sound when looking back in cockpit view? Also is it intentional that some cars are free? Like VW nardo?
  4. Just wanna report that few cars have broken sound Example RX7 Spirit R all views except outside camera Civic Si the older one no sound when you look back in cockpit view
  5. Does anybody have list of recommended car for each class? Like for me F - Supra A70 E - Skyline R34 D- Skyline R33 etc?
  6. Guys is it posible to change that if car mod has bodykit like for example Fast And Furious Skyline R34. To have the bodykit on the last upgrade(lvl3) slot? It doesnt make sense now when its on 1st mod. You will get nice but slow car.
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