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  1. So well I have two cases which need to be reworked/fixed 1. Track "The Mighty Kingpin..." time 4:35 for me it's impossible to made no matter which (upgraded to 3 level) C car I choose.. My best turn when I had quite clean drive was... 4:45... Of course I understand that in original version track had 7,5 km and had 2:50 time limit... so well dunno it's fault of bad car... or my bad driving skills 2. Sallen S81 Extreme Coupe (That car which is coming from Ford Mustang GT Coupe upgrade).. have bugged gears... When I was testing it on Sallen Classic and Sallen Day (time trial and race) it was choking on the 1 gear, no matter when I was forcing gear to 2/3 (and I was on automatic gearbox if that's the case)...
  2. Hardcore Mode changes driving style to more simulator one. To enable it you have to get Champion Level first, then activate it in menu. This option allows to take part in races against bots with Hardcore Mode turned on (normally you have only free-roam) Your PC will easily run this, since even o dual-core CPU works like charm Have you installed latest 1.0.5 patch?
  3. Well by accident (during recording game) I found that pressing F5 hides minimap... And for irony that key function is hidden and it's impossible to change it..
  4. Believe me.. maybe for other players it isn't the hardest challenge since on Youtube are videos where that challenged is beaten in 2 minutes... But for me it was quite hard nut to crash... Fortunately I won it and confirmed that patch made it possible to win even with heavy traffic...
  5. Finally I won that challenge! After test E class cars and upgrading them I found vehicle which was able to win! To be fair I would would not crash 2 times.. then maybe I would win it without penalty with original 3:25 time... Really thank You very much for that patch! P.S This car was modded to 3 level but by other than official tuning pack..
  6. Okay, but still I was making those tries (you have even pictures in this thread).. If I drive cautiously then I have very low penalty but time out of the bounds.. when I risk to much.. then of course I get close to silver... but penalty ground it to bronze.. That's the problem.. I am fully aware that some/most of the tracks are modified to change experience/pump out difficulty level, but as giving heavy traffic in transport/hitchhiker or speed challenges where every crash lowers chance to win... as making track so hard that without good driving skills (and even with automatic aids) you can't even slide to bronze, that's a point... And again I admitted once that I'm casual player, so I'm not as professional to make very quick decisions on the road and getting gold on the each track.. I'm really liking this mod and I'm not saying it's bad since it have finally fixed irritaing bugs, like too slow car in model/transport mission.. Traffic making "Chronosphere" actions on the road making some of the challenges impossible to make on perfect. So I gonna wait for new addons, or even enhancements which will improve game, but on other side it would be good if some challenges would be or reworked or at least give another seconds of time to get gold without problems with police or crashing into incoming traffic... Edit: My opinion isn't going to offend anyone or to be harsh.. it's just my few words about this mod
  7. You can only get single prize car (like Bugatti Type A29 which is G Class for gold on Island Tour).. once when you buy you can't buy another one... That's why it's that addon.. but keep in mind that you're breaking game progression
  8. That's what I had to said... In my runs I always had incoming blind traffic without chance to react.. and on intersections where even littlest touch gives penalty
  9. And btw..... Is this normal that Triumph has same 2 bikes in mB class?
  10. I'll just say that I'm casual driver, and will wait when challenge will be easier.. As someone said this require good connection to not get rammed with the traffic.. I understand what you mean by just using those corners to get maximum speed, but the problem is to react as soon as possible to avoid car accident...
  11. The problem is that on Youtube there is some of challenge runs, but on not modified version where traffic was on low level... Currently we have high level traffic, and tactic "going on the left/right corner" isn't working well because on right you can fall on outside, meanwhile on the left there is risk that incoming car will brake and ram at you giving you penatly... Personally I had over 50-60 attempts, where the closest one was bronze cup with Nissan GT-R
  12. Changed car and driving aids to automatic... well almost there.. but that penalty... I was trying to improve time, but with this traffic (for me) it's quite impossible.. Or I've got bad time with almost no penalty.. or I get good time with slaughtering traffic all the time...
  13. Here I'm putting my last attempt to that race... Car was good and had very good handling.. The problem was traffic which was just ramming at me, no matter if I was going on the corners or not... So unfortunately even without that penalty.. still I'm barely getting into the bronze...
  14. I'm putting there my attempts with A Serious Test of Car Control with rental Lexus... Don't know where I'm making mistakes... The biggest problem there is traffic which is just ramming and then with losing speed I'm catch =20 points for crash with them... I'll try to test other cars and see if something will change
  15. About those points.. Yes I made that calculation, and it's correct.. But about impossible level of events to have to disagree.. About special events there's no problem.. just to not crash too much and hold driving on good level and get into time which is possible.. The point with impossible level are SOME time challenges with driving + strict time to gold like Serious Test Of Car Control and that time challenge Master of Kingpin... of something like that... Those two challenges aren't possible to complete without clean drive with random traffic coming around (Especially when in Kingpin.. we have very thin roads).. That's I'm talking about.. to try make them a little easier.. And yes I'm still experimenting with upgradeable cars..
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