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  1. Do you mean the HD fx tweak? Or is there some other HD thing I am misremembering?
  2. I dont think its a system problem.. at least not specs wise, 4770k 16gb ram RTX 2080ti. Sometimes I can go for hours with it other times I can seemingly go like 30 minutes.
  3. Yeah I am, unless I just didnt apply it and maybe the car, for what its worth its the R32 GTR it just seems to kill it.
  4. Does anyone know whatt the deal with the fps just randomly tanking to unplayable FPS outta nowhere?
  5. So for anyone who is like me annoyed with the lack of controller support in the map screen you can try running the TDU Paradise launcher though steam and using steams controller config to make your right stick look like a mouse to the game (may need to tinker with the dead zone) Dunno what you would do for left and tright click mind you but you may be able to work something out. I'm myself using a steam con with the paddles on the back. Hope this helps someone though. If you use a steam con when I can I am gonna uplkoad my controller config, just add the launcher to steam and name it "Test Drive Unlimited" and I think it'll pop up.
  6. Really? Im shocked they are so far apart, I recall them driving pretty damn similar (I have played a non modded PC one years ago)
  7. Nah its cool you actually were a help in you made me reaslize I just have to deal with it unless there is a hacky way to go about it. So infurating since these issues were never on the xb360 version
  8. Does anyone know how to make the "map" screen work properly with an xb con? I have 2 issues. 1)I cant warp or set a GPS marker with the controller at all... Ive bound near every control... I dont wanna use the mouse for this. 2) I get drift with the moving the cursor when I bind this to the mouse, the stick is centring, both cons I tried and no other game exhibits the drift.
  9. Now that you say that mine is like that too, I couldnt remember if TDU had night cycles...
  10. Does anyone know is there is a way to configure the "GPS Target" and " Go There" options on the map to an xbox controller? It is a royal pain in the butt having to use a mouse for it and I cannot find the controller options for it. Oh ok figured there would be more to it then that, thanks! I got it working
  11. I gotcha, well glad im using the right version. Is there a guide around to making it work online?
  12. So is there a way to still play this online with the "mmo" freeroam? Im also... according to the menu on Version 0.03A is that ok? or should I be on another version?
  13. I have Version 1.0.5 of the mod, dunno what my game version is.
  14. Ok please forgive the stupid questions. I played TDU on XB back in the day and never the PC one Whats Hardcore mode change? I never used it on XB360 since it was dlc, How do I enable it on pc? I see this "Solo Races (H-Mode) thing in the launcher, what does it do? As an aside any graphics mods I can/should run on top of this? Im on a high-end pc so nothing is off the table. Edit - Ive run into an issue where the mouse isnt working to click on things at all... Should I be using the community patch or a specific version of the game? im on an early build I think...
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