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  1. i think here is the answer
  2. im not familiar with this issue so i just only hope someone could fix it [maybe if we could set traffic there]
  3. this mod is going to be perfect that is perfect braking-acceleration-speed for bots.so all bot vehicules are modded. have fun perfect.7z
  4. did you replace the database with the modded one?
  5. i dont have such issue maybe it is fxini? FX.ini
  6. here i upload a brief video tutorial how to mod the tduexe Screen_Recorder+_20220524081639.mp4
  7. in the following mod the bots make safe turnings and they dont spin out to the bushes i raced the millioner challenge with ccr vs 7 ccr and during the race occured more than 100 overtakes!!! enjoy!!! ps i also disabled the physicsThread = off [so it is on now] so the gaming is fun ok test drive unlimited.7z slower turnings n1.7z
  8. i double click on tdu2exe then it shows an error then i redouble click on tdu2exe and the game starts
  9. at this post i ll upload the ''challenge of the day'' that is the hardest races that i finally won after many attempts and maybe with dirty fighting .lets see if you can also win the challenges so here is the 1st race track=the road is mine [SSFE0008] your car = ferrari challenge stradale opponents=7 ruf rgt . 2nd] the road is mine [SCFE0014] you=cadillac cien opponents=7 mclaren lm 3]ascent of the fra [RCFE0025] you=ruf rgt opponents=7 gallardo coupe 4]angle of attack[RMFE0066] you=ruf rturbo opponents=7 pagani roadster 5]ascent of vinchou [RCFE0012] you=saleen s7 opponents=7 koenigsegg cc8s 6]descent of the carrez [RCFE0008] you=murceliago roadster opponents=7 slr GOOD LUCK!! challenges.7z
  10. a small demostration of the mod
  11. after many discoveries and tests i have a special result so i ll upload a ''perfect'' mod at this post [to be updated] maybe i ll need months for such result of all cars so untill now the following botcars have been modded [to be updated] all vehicles [cars/bikes] completed for easier (slower) bots do this: mod the line at tduexe B7C3C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 GG 00 00 00 XX 00 00 00 00 00 XX=FF [=SLOWEST ] FE, FD, FC, .....etc [=faster] also GG=3A [=more brake] 3B, 3C, 3D .... etc [= less brake] tduexeB7C330-B7C3F0.txt.bak test drive unlimited.7z AIBotPers.xml
  12. LOL!!!! i just discovered that the mod i made [previous post] is suitable for both arcade and hardcore mode due to breaking distance c1 [AIconfxml] which accidentally i made it about 1.100 and although it has no affect to arcade mode it affects the hardcore mode so goal is reached!!! bot vehicles for hardcore mode =completed
  13. since i discovered new params i ll upload an other mod so untill now the following botcars ve been modded all cars and bikes completed next goals are 1]to mod the grip of as many cars as possible for better starting 2] to mod all the bot cars for hardcore mode races tduexeB7C330-B7C3F0.txt.bak test drive unlimited.7z
  14. i upload a mod with almost perfect results.since this project is huge i ll upload many updates untill all bot cars are modded untill now the following botcars are ready A] a class completed B] b class completed C] lotus exige--8c competizione--corvette c6 convertibe--ff firepower D] ruf rk--ford gtr--db9 coupe--cadilac xlrv E] nissan skyline--audi s4 convertible--audi a6--nissan nismo rtune power F] audi tt--saturn sky--alfa romeo gt--lexus ls600 G] jaguar type E--db4 zagado--dodge challenger--miura stay tuned for more enjoy! tduexeB7C330-B7C3F0.txt.bak AIBotPers.xml tduexeB7C330-B7C3F0.txt.bak test drive unlimited.7z
  15. here i upload a mod for you to drive a vipersrt10 3level tuned vs modded viper srt 10 at the tracks 1]serious test of car control and 2]an angry mob if you re satisfied just do the same changes to other cars for similar results test drive unlimited.7z
  16. BINGO success confirmed.this post finishes this topic bcs goal is reached so in order to race hard races to all tracks vs all vehicles you have to mod the aiconfigxml file at the vehicle list in this way f.e <VEHICLE database_id="1012" log_max_speed="130.6" /> this line is for murcelago and the value for log_max_speed= can be 100---200 .for me 130.6 is good .also you must delete the rest params of vehicle after that you need to mod tduexe at line B7C340 00 00 80 CF 00 00 00 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 optional you can mod the line B7C3C0 00 00 80 3F 00 00 80 3F 00 00 80 3E 00 00 80 3F the aibotpers from platinum [expert bots] is ok as soon as i mod the aiconfigxml for all vehicles i ll post it here thank you here we go i ve just modded the aiconfigxml file you may see some traffic be fast due to quick modding i also post 2 files the one is with all params while the other is with log-max-speed only enjoy!! AIConfig.xml AIConfig.xml
  17. open the text file with hex editor and copy paste the data to tduexe file to guided lines .then youll have colored rims [see photo] i let you discover which specific data causes this effect.i did it by accident while im searching for bots data so i dont know how this happened :} BAB4D0-BAB530.txt
  18. BETTER RESULT FOR ALL TRACKS [see attachment 1mod for all tracks] something interesting at line B7C3C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 XX 00 00 00 00 XX= 3A, 3B, 3C,3D,3E,3F,40,41 1mod for all tracks.txt
  19. here i upload 3 mods for line B7C340 of tduexe . the issue is that im looking for a data that can be suitable for all tracks[long straights drags or sharp turns] maybe the solution is if somebody could decrypt-encrypt the xml files [aiconfig-aibotspers] having boosted all the brake coeff. i hope somebody could do that and upload these xml files in this forum thank you tduexe B7C340.txt
  20. View File tdu championship edition this file guides you how to mod tduexe a] for fast races in general like a champion b]for mid-drag races that is for tracks with long straights and mid turns see faster bots for more details also for pure drag races see "koenigsegg dragrace" in near future i ll upload the final edited database for cars driven by bots even faster results!!!!!! B7C330 00 00 00 00 BE BE BE BE 00 00 BF BF 00 00 00 00 B7C340 FE FE FE FE 00 00 00 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 enjoy!!!! [download the attachment] for better results download the new attachment [1mod for all tracks championship exe.7z 1mod for all tracks.txt Submitter tasos007007 Submitted 12/21/2021 Category Tools / Others  
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