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  1. New video is up, go check it out hope you guys like it
  2. It says upnpDiscover() found upnp device on network valid gateway device found port 8889 successfully opened, no manual action needed
  3. I did, the offline and upnp is unchecked too
  4. Still can't connect , stuck at the connecting to server screen
  5. Ohh, so i need a vpn.... Okay let me try
  6. Seriously tho why can't i play online
  7. I opened my port with TCP/UDP start match protocol and end match protocol both 8889 NAT type incoming, but im still stuck at the server connecting loading. The uPnp notes says failed to open port 8889 you must open port 8889 manually. Is this mean that i should try other port number?? Any idea??
  8. I saw somebody on youtube 5 days ago play it online...
  9. Really?? The platinum one shut down??
  10. Ohh yea, one more issues is when im trying to go online after creating new profile with the gamespy checked, it freeze on the connecting to test drive server screen, so can i play online???
  11. It fix it self just restarted my laptop and it fix it
  12. Been playing for a day and suddenly when i start the game it went to a black screen, any idea to fix it??
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