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  1. Hey! I have some problems with headlights (they dont blink, brake light doesnt work and etc) Can somebody help me? for more info, I can send you thru discord.
  2. Here is how you can use the car which was unrealeased: 1. In TDU2VPE, check unrealeased button and uncheck all other boxes. 2. Open the Model tab, and choose the car which has closest dimensions to Bugatti. 3. Press Load. 4. Now, you have to rechange some files which you have downloaded: 4.1 Rename the files: body goes chiron.bnk; interior chiron_i.bnk; wheels chiron_f_01.bnk. 4.2 Put these files: body: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> high interior: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> interiors wheels: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> rims -> bugatti
  3. Hey There! I am Rokas, also the only Duce in turboduck discord server, huge fan of racing games. How I discovered TDU2? Well, back when I was younger I was searching for videos which were longest in youtube (don't say anything, lol), and the video which was a longest one day was TDU2 Beta video. I really liked this game by just watching it, it became my favourite game even I haven't even played it. Got the PS3 disk in 2013, and I was extremely disappointed by controls and physics. Took a huge break, and started playing agian only in 2017. Now, I pretty much expect what surprises
  4. please give this overpowered car :)))
  5. can we still get this?
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