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  1. Dux

    Hello! How can i edit my post in my thread? Its not possible anymore? I want to update download link.
    1. Diablo


      are you not seeing an edit button? I am not aware of any setting would prevent this
  2. Hello. How can i edit my post in my thread, or its not possible anymore? I want to add new download link for my mod. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to properly set my settings to play with a steering wheel. But TDU's steering wheel settings are kinda confusing. Does anyone have any advices or a tutorial about those? I remember seeing some few years ago but i cant find that thread. I cant seem to make them right. I have this wheel: Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback PC PC | Thrustmaster its 180 degrees as far as i am aware. It works great for GT4.
  4. Dux

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Just a small question about cars that are already in game. When you add car mods for them, are you replacing original cars or add them as new slots? F430 for example, i think Norby had great mod for it.
  5. Dux

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Logged in after who knows how long, years maybe. Watched a video and i must say it looks great and promising. I wish you good luck with your work and have fun. I hope all goes well and i will be happy to get it once its out. Your ultra community pack is great and i was using it since few moths ago when i stopped playing TDU but i will start playing this again when this is out. After 11 years it really show how great game it is. Only one question, if i got it right from the description, this gonna be even bigger and better mod than ultra community pack? I mean beside having much more cars.
  6. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    I somehow fu**ed something bad, dunno how but i am sure thats my fault, so i reinstalled game complete, installed full version, made some backups, no all, just incase. Will try it for some time, then add island paradise from iLLusion, hope that cant wreck something. to see how will it work then. Wont bore you anymore until i finish testing, then i will report and ask again for help if needed. And again, thanks :D
  7. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    Ok, i will try that then. Install full then reinstall mods. Yeah, auto installers, as i said i already installed them before and havent noticed any bugs after. i am not sure tho, there might be some problems. I drove all of those cars without problems, i know that usualy problem appear when you want to select those cars or enter a garage or showroom where those cars are located and game crash. One or two mods just replaced car files, mods that replace original TDU low quality models, doubt that can make problems, dunno. I have noticed that when i wanted to complete Around the crater race, one that unlocks deluxe paint shops, game froze at start of a race few times, thats one of the problems i have. And i havent installed any G class car mods which could participate in that race and cause problems. Dunno if its worth mentioning but i installed TDUCP beta 3 full on freshly installed game without any mods or such, complete vanila game, then wanted to update to beta 5 via update method. Thanks again for your kind replies and your time. I will try what you suggested and see how does it go.
  8. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    Many thanks for your reply. Well i installed Island paradise and few car mods meanwhile, but only few that i was sure wont make any problems, at least those didnt made me known problems before. Is it possible to apply full version od tducp then reinstall those few mods ? Tbh i havent made a backup of game because i am low on hdd space, so i would have to reinstall if problems persist to try to see if it will be better to apply full patch.
  9. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    Hey Djey. I logged in to ask you if you can take look at this two files, i think there were some problems. I did exerything as explained in readme etc, dunno what might be the problem, run all as admin too. i menaged to add attachements. TDU installed in default location. I have some crashes when starting some races, sometimes entering garages, dunno if its because of those errors, only mod i had was this patch and project paradise.
  10. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    Oh, now i understand. :) Thanks a lot for you answer man <3
  11. Dux

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    May i ask what does this mean and what would this do ? :) Sorry if stupid question :D
  12. Dux

    Your TDU2 Mods dream wish list

    IMT 539 :
  13. Dux

    Ford Mustang in Europe: Would you?

    Well there is a Mustang in one of driving schools here in Serbia : http://www.polovniautomobili.com/portal/Zanimljivosti/Ford_Mustang/222_Ford_Mustang.jpg Lol. You get few drives in it on highway and around just to see and experience powerful car in case one day you get one. They dont charge extra when you get to drive it, its standard part of learning to drive. I know this is offtopic i just wanted to share. :D BTW, no i wouldnt buy it. Its nice and all but just not my type of a car, i would rather go for a nice bimmer. Someone said they are common, well not here :D