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    Doesn't know how to mod properly

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    POG. Took some time to set up and had to reinstall a lot but it's working perfectly. Can't wait for more updates! POG
  1. Out of boredom I wan't to get a 100% completed account, but sometimes I'm too lazy to grind, so is there any way to use cheat engine or something to get max offline level, or just give yourself points for each category?
  2. I'm trying to get a savegame with the completed game, but I want to change it's name, is it possible in any way? I want to change it to c4k3ss, like my username.
  3. A mod that would let you change the render/view distance would be cool, as currently the default render distance is kind of short, is it even possible to do so tho?
  4. Okay I decrypted it and I'll do what I have to do, thanks for helping. Have a good day!
  5. Chances are it's a problem from my side, I'll try adding it again.
  6. Well uhm I don't like replacing cars so I just use a method I found on YouTube on how to add cars without replacing. This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMz1ZLmNdfc&t The method worked on all cars but I had problems with the Mazda RX-7 R1, primarily on dimensions and rims but they were the same as the Ginetta F400. Since I loaded the game and had those problems with dimensions and rims I wasn't able to load the car in tdu2vpe again.
  7. I tried decrypting it and it didn't work, it would just give me the same encrypted thing, in what type of file do I need to decrypt it?
  8. So I was playing TDU2 and I like the concept of not being able to TP somewhere if you haven't been there but it's also kinda annoying sometimes. There is a mod for that, downside is that the creator of it added a thing that makes AI cars appear on the minimap with a green icon, which I don't like and idk how to remove. I suppose you gotta mess around with the GamePC.cpr file but I don't know how. Is there a version without that?
  9. It was a Mazda RX-7 R1 I got it from The problem only happens when I try to load the car. The others work fine. I just can't load the RX-7 R1 because it gives me that error
  10. I can't change a cars specs anymore because in TDU2VPE I just get this error. Help please
  11. Some Car Mods have this problem, the car mod I have is Bugatti Chiron by StarGT. All colors when buying it are the same. Any fix to this? Someone said that I can add a color to the list of available colors when buying a car in TDU2VPE. I can do that but an easier alternative, or any alternative would help. Thank you UPDATE: The TDU2VPE way of adding a color to the available colors when buying the car doesn't work.
  12. So I was just playing TDU2 when I found a Bugatti Chiron mod, so what did I do? Downloaded it ofc. Anyways as I was checking what it said about it, it mentioned it replaces a car, something I hate. And so what anyone who hates having a car replaced would do, search a tutorial online. Found one did everything it said to do, I got TDU2VPE to be shown, changed wheels and stuff, performance etc. and when I put it in the dealership I get nothing, the list of cars shows it's there, replacing another car for some reason, and when I go to the dealership, no Bugatti. Help would be amazing. Thank you! A
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