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  1. Problem is solved, game can launch only with full working GPU: all times when i trying to launch game on "cold start"(like energysafe mode - GPU not working at full capacity) it's just crashing. But after playing 15-30 minutes in FH5, GPU starts to work steadily and TDU Platinum launch without any problems. I think this can only help users of laptops and computers with 2 GPUs where the video output is through the processor.
  2. I don't know what is going on, but game starts again. It's funny. (switching options - i tried to switch anti-aliasing from 4x to 2x, cuz image is too smooth)
  3. Bruh, reinstalling visual c++ helps me, thanks xD (i'm waiting for update for 1 year, but problem in visual c++) But, after switching settings (all when driving) it's stop updating game video information only sounds, after closing don't wanna launch again.... Can you tell me where the graphics settings file is located?
  4. "Make sure you have d3d9.dll in the game folder. Also, run the game via Project Paradise launcher." The game does not want to work with "d3d9.dll". It tries to start, blinks the screen(in fullscreen mode) several times and crashes. In windowed mode, the game tries to start, but crashes on a black screen. In *.dmp file of crash: "0xC0000005".
  5. Hi guys, i have a problem. I think enb in platinum edition crashing my game (possible reason: two graphics cards). Notebook: Dell g7 7588 (8gb Ram + Intel i7 8750h (2.4 Ghz no turbo) + GTX1060 6gb Max-q edition) Because game launch only with deleted d3d9.dll, but most of cars is invisible (cann't load). In *.dmp file of crash: "0xC0000005" In the past, i launch platinum mod 1.06 on another laptop and having fun. Now i cann't launch this DAMN good modification for game of my childhood.
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