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  1. Hello, I'm having this problem speficially on the Ferrari 512 TR right now, maybe other cars has this issue? I don't own all the cars yet, so I cannot be sure. Can anyone help me how to fix this issue? I put a few screenshots for visual reference. Thanks. using TDU community patch 2.00A (Game itself is Gold edition)
  2. i think i can live with infrequent crashes, i didn't had any today, so...
  3. Yes, I did. My nvidia driver is also up-to-date currently. Still crash on starting.
  4. - yes, i do have tdu gold. I thought that was the latest updated version of the game? - windows 10, i have no idea what mono is and dont know anything of Linux
  5. i've done what fatal said, i still have crash, the game doesn't even start. Help please? edit: removing d3d9 and the game runs again, so the problem is there, I think?
  6. Thanks a lot for doing this. I have a two problems. 1) Game occasionally freezes right before starting a race. Happens about once or twice an hour. 2) I cannot install the HD patch, below is the attached log file Much respect. TDUCP-PATCHHD.log
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