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  1. Hi, everyone! I don't wanna come off as rude but, I have been wondering since the TDU 1 engine is old and all(2006)... have you ever thought of porting TDU Platinum to TDU 2 along with new content? If you think about doing that, please remember me as I have some knowledge that could be helpful for creating TDU 2 Platinum. P.S: Quick edit of concept logo poster lol
  2. hey,thanks a lot, i have a question how do we know how many players play tdu platinum yes,when you're in the game you can see approximately 100 or more players(it says on the map with letters) but is there any other way to see how many players play tdu platinum aka tdu project paradise multiplayer ?
  3. Hi guys,so basically,I have a problem I play TDU Platinum,yes,very good game,but the world feels dead,not because of the graphics, it's because there are no players,i have a gamespy acc,i see players on map,but not in-game, so i couldn't play it then i tried tdu 2 unofficial patch 0.4 with autopack 2.0 from Alex VII with project paradise 2 tried it,same thing,same problem, i really wish i could play tdu 1 platinum online but it says i have a moderate NAT,how to get an open NAT, actually does the NAT matter that i can't see players i only seen a player once in tdu platinum and also once again in tdu 2 and never again( only one time,i raced with each player) Thanks!
  4. Hi @Milliand hi everyone! I was wondering if its possible to get tdu 2 graphics into tdu 1. I looove the TDU 2 graphics... is there any way I can get them on TDU platinum because I love how shiny,vibrant,positive and bright it feels. I knoe about Hawaiian Bliss... but is there anything I could add it on top of that? Thanks.
  5. @LamboV10 how did you get such good graphics?i wonder will there be better car sounds and better geaohics in the new tdu platinum version...
  6. Nice graphics Milli! They really motivate me to play. How did you get them? Is it part of a future update or something?
  7. Thank you both! About the remastered graphics... I used to play it the last three months,uninstalling and installing. I think the remastered graphics feel dry and kind of the game feels depressing/dead(no offence). Or maybe it was just me. I will try both. I play on max settings on a 2012 gaming pc. Always disabled that FX in project paradise before.Thank you all again! UPDATE: I will try tdu platinum without the old graphics again. I will add hawaiian bliss too. Are there any other graphic mods that make the game more happier/colorful/with contrast/better? I heard of tdu 1 reshade for project paradise. I wonder if there are graphics that look like tdu 2 Maybe some with night,too!(if there is)
  8. What do you mean? Also,I still did not install the game nor platinum,it is downloaded,but I am waiting for an answer.What files should i back up to get the original graphics,I don't want those platinum remastered graphics.How do I do that?What should i backup and then paste after installing platinum? If it isn't possible,no worries,I can still play the game.
  9. bump I am currently downloading natan edition,and there is an english patch thing. The description is kinda hard to understand but i guess you gotta use the ENG Files? The torrent is downloaded from HF Garage,the original place.
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