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  1. i noticed some police cars, or they were taxis, turns to another color from white to red, when you crash into them.
  2. I played a lot lately, and love this mod,i downloaded a list of cars and i am buying cars to convert them to see how they are, very nice, the only gripes i have is that max speed should be accurate even at expense of other features imo. also some delivery mission cars lower my fps to 25 or 15, i have to put 'fron low' camera for fps to be normal, and other minor glitches like when there is passenger in some cars and they glitch the position, thanks again for all the efforts.
  3. Hello. if they are the standard exes in 1,21 then i'm using that i installed the 1.21 download (i actually checked the executable date, yes its the 1.21 patch version. just another little glitch with nissan gtr class b now: https://imgur.com/a2BcXTA
  4. i get 20 fps on cockpit view of plymouth firebird sunoco in the delivery mission, if i switch to front view than one close to ground i get back the usual 60 fps. idk whats going on with that, thanks again for the mod.
  5. I think you are not supposed to install 2.00a patch, just install platinum + patch 1.21 on top original game So i want to ask for help, if someone can please, this top speed incorrect info bothers me a lot, i prefer having incorrect acceleration in some cars and not this workaround, can someone just by chance, maybe one of the authors, can provide a datbase or a tduf patch with some old data of cars actual speed just by chance? as a small issue that it may seem is currently preventing me from enjoying the mod.
  6. Also 'oversteer' setting control a lot of what the cars feel, just a few digits of that can change the handling a lot. Platinum has some heavy oversteer cars like some lambos, just decreasing oversteer by 3 or 7 can fix that.
  7. Yes i read that after posting, sorry i don't want to complain but for me is awful not having top speed info or worse useless incorrect ones, what could happen if top speed is edited to the correct values? wrong acceleration rate? i tried with tduf putting the corvette with 320 km and didn't notice anything wrong. Its too much for me editing 400 cars or and researching top speeds however. the koenisegg one is the cooler and better car i tried yet, the cockpit is awesome, i always play cockpit view, i think thats the A car i want
  8. Hi, first, thanks for the work on this mod, i downloaded it today, and i am seeing nice cars, but about maximum speed, how is this supposed to work, how i can find the speed of a car, it shows normal speed in some cars, and upgraded speed on others? -- So i upgraded a corvette that said it has 400 something speed, max tuning now it say 500 something, this one didn't have any body kits or something but the car doesn't go past 340.
  9. hey, maybe someone can help me so i have a low end pc i turned off shadows tweaking system.cpr file i think it was, but i can't find where to turn off reflections i want to try maybe fps improve a lot, can somebody help me?
  10. Its me or cars in game like the koenisegg or bugatti accelerate a lot slower than this, at 300 km/h the pilot steps on the gas. maybe something to consider for a tweak.
    Had no issues i like your patch, but i remember doing tdu1 millionaire challenge again and again 1) because i like the 'endurance' event and 2) it gave you a good reward, is possible to make it so you can race this around the islands time events again after completing them and win a lot of cash in singleplayer?. Also is normal that cars sometimes stop dead like if they had no wheels or something after a jump?
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