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  1. how do i get access to port forwarding i cant get in
  2. This is odd, most of the people who are unable to connect to the TDU severs, are from Australia.
  3. Anyone know which file the start sounds is, I don't like the sound of the Gran Turismo horns going off.
  4. Doesn't TDU have a 75 hz monitor selection? I haven't played the game in a long time Look what I found
  5. Honest Question, will it be fine if I run TDU at 75fps, I heard that its unstable but since I got a new 5700 XT and a 75 hz monitor, should I be fine?
  6. Try a new power supply, or replace graphics. if it is just a straight shut off then there might be faulty hardware (which is very difficult)
  7. Sorry, I meant to actually replace the custom cars listed under "Custom Dealer 1/2" because I wanna make some liveries such as a custom gallardo etc
  8. Hi, I have a problem. If I play Tour of the Island at the 30-40 minute mark the game either slows down or straight up freezes between 2 frames and replayes it. I'm running an RX-580 at HD which could be a problem for such a medium graphics card, even though it runs at 50 fine. I've even played the game for an hour, this only happens at this kind of situation, endurance levels. Heres an example of what happens:
  9. it says that the online profile says connecting and wont do anything, I let it attempt to connect (might be because im from a country with bad internet) Also can you please specify where to find the "read me" file from the paradise launcher
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