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  1. This is odd, most of the people who are unable to connect to the TDU severs, are from Australia.
  2. Anyone know which file the start sounds is, I don't like the sound of the Gran Turismo horns going off.
  3. Doesn't TDU have a 75 hz monitor selection? I haven't played the game in a long time Look what I found
  4. Honest Question, will it be fine if I run TDU at 75fps, I heard that its unstable but since I got a new 5700 XT and a 75 hz monitor, should I be fine?
  5. Try a new power supply, or replace graphics. if it is just a straight shut off then there might be faulty hardware (which is very difficult)
  6. Sorry, I meant to actually replace the custom cars listed under "Custom Dealer 1/2" because I wanna make some liveries such as a custom gallardo etc
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