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  1. Only for 993s. No model changer mods for older ones, except 930sc turns into ruf ctr. "308_GTB_QV_audio.bnk" is the M1's file
    At the north side, you have fast sweeping turns, while at south, you have some tight turns and climbs-declines. It's a great fun alternative road to north with two different characters. BEight, you did it again!
  2. As far as my tries go, game doesn't care how big an MP3 file is. Might be wrong though, haven't filled a radio by a full set of 2 hour albums each. I have MP3s since I don't want to use any other source that uses internet while I'm roaming around.
    Welcome back man! Glad to see you back here again.
    This is a must have for everyone. Brilliant road, and polished good in v1.00 too. Hats off to BEight for another amazing work!
    Great tool for going online or offline with your favourite profile
  3. Great sound! But the link on this site redirects to 155 Q4 file. You may want to correct that.
    EDIT: The quickest fix has come! Thank you. Leaving the issue message on so people can see this project is still looked after and the dev fixed the issue quickly. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Works great, I'm not jumping lane to lane on my favourite road anymore. But if you are still working on the project, I want to report a bug that I've encountered. "Kawailoa bug point smtrd" 1 26484.87 359.22 15280.05 0.908 -0.002 -0.419 427894379 On this point, where you step on the shadowy line (direction is to the east) car crashes into "something" sometimes. Especially when you are passing it fast. Thank you for your work!
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