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    Kunos never dissappoints! Another good convert!
  1. Looks like this player didn't find a solution, or gave up or something, since they didn't visit this forum almost for a year. I have the same issue since I've started playing some months ago. My upnp.txt file says port 8889 successfully opened every time I enter (otherwise I wouldn't be able to play online probably) but I can only connect to one person which is the top of the freeroam drivers list, others got the "-/ /-" symbol on their names and the names are white colored except the player I'd be able to connect. Tried some things with my modem but ZTE's aren't user friendly. I play using wi-fi, not able to connect a cable at the moment, can this be the core of this issue?
    Great reason to drive these monsters! Especially the C5. Good job!
    Never thought I'd drive this one while f355 is around but, I'm driving it now!
  2. Stage 1 tuning works very well for now until a fix arrives. Standard car has zero stability like you said.
    Now THIS is a good reason to buy and drive it!
  3. Found a fat McLaren. The standard 650S data shows 1565kg kerb weight. But it is supposed to be 1428kg. If any patch will come in the future, this may be fixed too, so I'll drop this here.
    Makes me think how cool it would be if Kunos makes Test Drive Unlimited 3... With their physics engine and all. Their sound samples are the best! Keep up the good work!
  4. Yes, it wasn't the sound of a 7.3 V12 engine, but you could use that for CLK 55 and similar V8s I think. Maybe you can work on that too? @Reymondox
    This work gives me a much needed reason to use all modern McLarens again. Thank you!
  5. It's around at the yellow circle (couldn't paste my ss for some reason so I used a random map from the net). It's a "bike" dealer though, you have to find all the car dealers first to visit there.
  6. This mod changed this game to a better one. Loved the vanilla game for years but this experience is something else. Especially the driving physics on most of the cars (I'm not even turned HC mode on yet). Thank you all the creators/modders for this awesome pack!
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