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  1. hesonly5

    Hello... Um, again?

    Hello all :D I don't know how many of you will remember me, I just to be pretty active here in the first year or so of TDU1 and now that TDU2 is here, I'm thinking of getting it i my boyfriend's Xbox - I've hardly touched my PC since I stopped playing so god knows how much money I'd have to spend to get it up to decent specs :ill: :lol:on BY THE WAY I used to be randomus_r - I can't remember why I'm now hesonly5, but it sure took me a while to remember how to log in :lol: So um. yes. hello. again.
  2. Come back Randeh, we miss you :)
  3. I don't understand what those numbers mean, but sounds tasty :D
  4. hesonly5

    Its snowing!

    Site works fine on iPod Touché, but the snow's proper slow :p (iPod Touché 2nd Gen running 2.2 Firmware)
  5. Because it's inevitable that someone will. It's happened before and it'll happen again. Diablo is simply refreshing people's mind of the rules so that there is no talk about anything illegal.
  6. hesonly5

    Happy Birthday TimBud!

    Happy Birthday :D
  7. hesonly5

    Its snowing!

    It's more snow... Haven't you noticed that the website's background is a road? The white bit towards your left is the snow build up at the side of the road... *headdesk*
  8. hesonly5

    Until Further notice i won't be playing TDU

    Remember to find the radial.cdb, you have to show Hidden system files as well as normal hidden files. I highly doubt that anyone's TDU just 'doesn't make one'...
  9. Well not everything always goes to plan to sit down and wait patiently just like everyone else.
  10. hesonly5

    Andreaz's photos

    Maybe. If I can get it to work this time around!
  11. Why should he come back? Look at it from his point of view. The modders spend their spare time, working with these awful, buggy programs full of glitches and random 'wtf why is doing that' moments to create a teensy bit of software for all you ungrateful sods to complain it doesn't work right, it's the wrong shape and you don't like that car anyway he should do something else this instant. But yes, it would be lovely for him to come back - there's great potential in the modding community if we could just get it sorted out. And if people were more thankful! I'm waay to grouchy today o.O
  12. Cool snaps! Can I ask why you went in a van? :p
  13. hesonly5

    Andreaz's photos

    Cool pics Andy, lurving the Charger :D I need TDU again. My job for this weekend is to format my PC and start again, again XD