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  1. Hello everyone,. I just had the same problem. 1st, I recopy and repast the TDU Platinum files, thinking it was a problem with the game file = still have the problem. 2nd I try to start a new profile, the problem wasn't, So I was thinking that tha savefile was corrupt 3rd I saw this discussion, And I remember that I assign moving map button earlier this day. Finally I delete the assignment for the movement of the map = Tada, no problem ! THANK you VERY VERY Much.
  2. Hi, I recently download and install TDU1 with those mods : TDU Platinum v1.0 by Milli (DarkAvengerGirl) and update 1.21 Traffic Pack v1.1 made by -=[(ELVIS)]=- (I replace police car but after saw police does not work I paste the original police vehicule files) TDU1 - New Hawaii - ULTRA HD 4K Retexture by Adm-RAL (LowRes + FX_Daydream_RC5) But I discover that the cops doesn not chase me in freeride when I make some accidents. More specificly, the police indicator show me police crest but the police distance indicator does not show anything. It stay grey and police cars does not pursuit me.. The curious thing is that it works well into races.. I am lost, what is wrong in my files ?
    I have a bad connection, after 4 or 5 fail of downloading due to my %#?M phone failing internet 4G connection. I have the following message when I try to redowload .... Sorry, you cannot currently view or download this file. This file was recently viewed or downloaded by too many users. Please retry later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared by many people, you may have to wait up to 24 hours before you can view or download it. If you still cannot access it after this time, contact your domain administrator. "Many users": only me and my problems ... dam it Update 10/11/2023 : I download the patch on archive.org. That works well now
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