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  1. wish i could wake up like this, watching a nice ass on tv and looking at Earth through the window. hehehe
  2. Faszination RUF CTR at Nürburgring + Assetto Corsa = this photoshoot Plus a few screenshots of Quake (with the Dissolution Of Eternity expansion and the Quakespasm source port)
  3. i'm looking forward to this game. i'd rather wait until it's out of early access, but it's got potential. it's a lot like Minecraft, but (thankfully, IMO) without the 8-bit art style.
  4. i wish i had played that game. but it's way past the expiration date.
  5. besides, a game that requires you to stay connected the whole time is bound to have an expiration date. if the servers shutdown some day, you'll no longer be able to play it. that's why i didn't buy The Crew. i want to play the game for many years, even if i have to install a number of patches to make it run on an unsupported system.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RmGrc5Dow4 nice music from GTA V's Non-Stop Pop FM radio. somehow reminds me of this:
  7. Does anyone know of any games that could help me learn to actually drive, specially now that i bought a Logitech G27?
  8. so many GTA 4 and 5 photos. does anyone think there should be a separate photomode thread for these two games? (and the older ones as well)
  9. Screenshots from Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round. (PC) I only played for 45 minutes, but i'm liking it a lot. And don't worry, there ain't no fanservice on these shots. (not quite sure about Alpha-152, though) :D Just like the first time with Dead Or Alive 2.
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