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  1. Sup guys! Made a little 3 years transformation video of my babe :) And here my new daily, going to widebody it over the winter
  2. Heard you guys were talking about stretched tires, functional, stupid and dangerous :lol:
  3. Alright so I got my car back from the paintshop and put all the stuff back together!
  4. Get one again, such great cars! So easy to work on and parts aren't expensive either!
  5. Haven't posted here in a while, sup guys and gals! Alright time to get this thing ready for 2016 season! Got myself the real lip and car is under the knife again. Rocker panel rust got removed (new panels got welded onto) and the whole body will be cleaned so there are no more dents. After that she will be completly repainted next week. New tires were mounted today so I can have it sitting lower again.
  6. Thanks guys ! :) Last couple of photos before I put her in wintermode, god this thing looks like a hovercraft lmao!
  7. Thank you lovely people! And I also miss the like button, liked the idea!
  8. Track Dog Racing Splitter came in, love it!
  9. Thank you Dizzy, same feeling here! Your Evo looks great Dan! Last show for this year :(
  10. Thank you, I had to raise the front since it keeps rubbing when I turn, probably need to get smaller tires next season!
  11. So here is how you ruin a perfectly good car haha! Front fender still needs to be cut slightly more since the tires rub. Love it so much should be done next week ! (Ducktail is a 3 piece, so it won't stay like this)
  12. So yeah I recieved my new wheels today. 15x9 ET-15, currently on 20mm spacers.. I can easily fit a Heineken bottle in my new wheels, my life is complete now.
  13. Got Top 3 Mazda and a friend of mine Top 1 Mazda this Sunday :)
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