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  1. Haven't updated this in forever (I mean I haven't even been on here in quite a while), but I got sick of the sagging headliner last year and decided to pull it out of the car and recover it in some cheap faux suede myself, and while I was at it I decided to do the A & C Pillar trims to match. It didn't turn out the greatest, and I broke a couple of clips in the process, but it's miles better than it was before.
  2. Bit of an update, got some stuff for the old girl, 7 Litres of life blood (takes 6.5, but had to buy 7) oil filter, drain pan and a funnel, so that is this weekend's project. I also purchased a 12" Clarion subwoofer in a box off Trade Me (NZ equivalent of ebay basically) for $1.50!! (yes you did read that correctly) and then got a cheap 500W Pioneer amp to do a sub setup in the boot. The amp is a bit under powered but I don't want massive bass anyway, just a bit extra than it currently has, and to take some load off the factory speakers, I still need to get all of the wiring for it, and figure out how I'm going to secure and mount everything, but that will probably be a few weeks off yet anyway.
  3. I tend to pull my right arm out of the sleeve and then pull it off by the neck, but I can also quite easily do the criss cross technique too, it's all about where you grab the shirt, you really need to get your hands round as far as they can go so your arms are really tight against each other, otherwise that's when you attempt to rip your shirt.
  4. That is so rad, almost an identical skibox setup and wing to the one Jon Olsson had on his R8!
  5. Nice spot! that's a 50 anniversario edition too, only one of 200 total and 1 of 100 coupe versions in the world.
  6. They don't sell the 6s anymore, only the regular 6, otherwise I definitely would have gone for the 6s over the regular 6
  7. Damn I have a terrible memory haha, had forgotten you had that.
  8. Welcome to the E36 gang! They are great cars to drive, and yeah the auto isn't actually too bad paired with the 2.0 I6.
  9. Haha, main reason I went for the 6 over the 7 is the 6 still has the headphone jack and I use my headphones all the time and didn't want to have to get an extra adapter to use them, plus the 6 was cheaper. I am loving it so far, definitely an upgrade over the 4S!
  10. It was about time that I upgraded from my 4S dinosaur, so I picked this up today. [ATTACH]30794[/ATTACH]
  11. Thanks guys, and yeah Diablo it is a really fun car to drive, it's such a great chassis! I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do but most of them are a way off yet, most important thing mods wise for me right now is saving up for new wheels and tyres.
  12. Yeah she is in decent condition for her age, a few scratches and stone chips but otherwise really good externally, the interior has all the usual E36 issues (Sagging headliner, sagging glovebox, and bolster wear on the outer side of the drivers seat) but overall it's in good condition, I also really love the silver, if it ever gets new paint it will stay the same colour that's for sure!
  13. Should start a thread to keep you guys and girls up to date with whats going on with this thing now that I officially own it (It was Dad's and I was just driving it, but the title was transferred into my name for my 20th birthday). She is a 1997 (Same year I was born!) BMW E36 320i with semi leather interior, sadly it's auto but I can live with that. She is a bit rough around the edges but I love her all the same. It has a sagging headliner and the material in the inserts of the front door cards is coming away around the door handles, but those are on my list of projects for this year to tackle, but I would eventually like to get the headliner, door cards and A & C pillar trims redone in either Alcantara or Suede. I also want to save up for some new wheels as I really don't like the current ones, not quite sure what I want to get yet but they will be 17's as I feel they are the perfect size on an E36.
  14. Gave my baby her first proper bath in my ownership, she looks so good! (Excuse the crap phone photos, it was getting dark) [ATTACH]30660[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30661[/ATTACH]
  15. Back when I used to regularly post in my TDU photo thread I edited the first post every time to change the title to the date I updated it and sometimes what I posted.
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