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  1. killalldude

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    @RobikV3 you can get them in the US. You have to order them, most online retailers have them. Normal carriers don't keep them in stores. I had an SE Xperia Arc S, which was replaced by my current Z3 Compact. The Arc S went through hell and back and works great. Wish I could say the same about the Z3. Specs are way better but build quality is worse. Not sure if the next phone will be a Sony or if I'll go back to Apple. I love Sony's aesthetics.
  2. killalldude

    Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

    If either of you are interested in purchasing, let me know! Having to do all the maintenance the past few owners never did sucks. Kind of at a crossroads as to whether I should keep or sell. A few Italian beauties I saw in Chicago last weekend:
  3. killalldude

    Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

    Quick snap of an ///M Clown Shoe I parked next to: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/imagejpeg_0.jpg
  4. killalldude

    What are you listening to?

    Love that song :msuh3: Wanted to use a heart emoji but looks like we don't have one :( A few that I've been listening to: Sigala - Give me your love Mr. Belt & Wezol, Freejak - Somebody To Love
  5. killalldude

    Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

    Damn... I was hoping the Rolls SUV would be Suburban/Escalade ESV sized, or even bigger. I guess I was expecting it to be stupid large since the Phantom is so much larger than the other big luxo-sedans.
  6. killalldude

    Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

    If that was the next generation Monaro... :drool: It actually looks a lot like an A5 from the front.
  7. killalldude

    Had a Bad Day? Post Your Story Here

    This 100%. Just got to get over the shy-ness wall, which I know is difficult from experience. Just put yourself out there! :)
  8. killalldude

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    Very true.I just wanted a color to stick out from the sea of silver, black and grey cars.
  9. killalldude

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    * Thanks! Le Mans Blue was one of my top color choices. After owning a black car I swore I'd never own one. They look amazing right after a wash, but show dirt the next day! I really wanted an E46, but in the future I may need four doors, so I ended up with the E39 :)
  10. killalldude

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    It's an M5 :) Haven't looked into the Vanos yet. Right now the car seems fine mechanically. It needs a bunch of small cosmetic things and a few lights on the dash addressed. Oh and tires. Hoping once everything is fixed it will be a great car! This picture was as soon as I got it back in September, I have washed it since then! Come spring I'll have to see how to restore the black trim, then clay bar and wax :)
  11. killalldude

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    Got this back in September. Latest purchase would be a clutch and brakes for it. http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0011_2.jpg
  12. killalldude

    Show us your vehicle

    Been a while since I've posted. Some pics of my car all cleaned up: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0030_1.jpg http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0033_1.jpg
  13. killalldude

    Game: Great value or ......I'll pass

    So... That V70R. The owner said he'd do $19.5k USD. But I still feel that's too high. At that price I could get a really nice E39 M5... I should probably make a new thread asking people how I should spend my money on my next car purchase instead of bumping this one :lol:
  14. killalldude

    Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

    My pleb pictures: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0450.jpg http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0381.jpg